Overview Comparison - Point by Point Method

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1My generation and that of my parentsMy generation and that of my parentsStudent nameName of institutionLecturerSubmission dateMethod of comparison: Point-to-point method of comparison
2My generation and that of my parentsThere is a stark difference between my generation and that of my parents in varied ways.We live in very different time zones and as such, we espouse very varied value systems. Ourgeneration today has the benefit of the conveniences of life like the internet that enables fastcommunication across the globe, transport technologies among others. I prefer the generation welive in today despite the myriad challenges we have to confront in society.Although the generation of my parents enjoyed longer life expectancy because of healthylifestyles that included healthy eating, they did not enjoy the cutting edge technology thatenables the solution of problems in the world that have been occasioned by technology (O’neil2015). Today, for example, research has made diagnosis and treatment of diseases easier, a thingthe generation of my parents could only dream about. Surgeries are today done remotely, thanksto modern technology.The explosion of the communication technology has brought about dynamic interactionacross the world. As much as there was rudimentary use of modern technology during myparents’ time, the dynamism brought about by technology today is revolutionary (Vachris andIsaacs, 2017). Through the social media like WhatsApp, interaction is now enabled at any timeacross the globe. In my parent’s time, traditional mailbox through the post office was thecommon means for communication and it would take many days to deliver a message. Withregard to communication and medical technology, my generation is better than that of myparents.Regarding education, the generation of my parents attended classroom physically and didresearch using the physical library (Bor et al., 2013). This system of education made them to
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