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MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR0Executive SummaryMyers-Briggs Type Indicator technique assists people to understand their personality types andtheir interaction with others. This study has focused on reflecting the characteristics of my MBTIreport. The study has confirmed my thoughts and others through with the results of my MBTIreport. The study has also described the origin and types of settings, where MBTI report can beutilized. Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs invented this theory first in USA.It can be used in counseling, educational and career choice and workplace settings. Furthermore,the study has also reflected on my employment prospects as per the MBTI test. It has beendescribed in terms of biomedical scientist, Epidemiologist and other managerial jobs. Moreover,the study has also described one of my life situations, where I applied the characteristics of myMBTI report.

MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR1IntroductionMyers-Briggs Type Indicator is a popular technique of testing human personality. Peoplecan get an insight about themselves through this technique (Rashid and Duys 2015). It is a self-reflective writing regarding the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, which is demonstrated inAppendix 1. In this study, I will confirm my thoughts and other’s through regarding thecharacteristic of my MBTI report. This study will also describe the origin and sorts of settings inwhich MBTI report can be applied. Apart from that, this study will also reflect on myemployment prospective and life situation as per my MBTI report. Myers-Briggs TechniqueMyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) technique is the most trusted and widely usedpersonality assessment test in the world. It is an introspective self-report questionnaire, which aredesigned to point to the psychological preferences of the people (Furnham and Crump 2015). MBTI questionnaire was first made by Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter IsabelBriggs Myers in United State (Capt.org 2017). However, Isabel noticed that Mr. Clarence Myers,future husband of her daughter, was quite different in seeing the world to her and her family.This thing inspired Katharine Cook Briggs to invent new types of personality test theory and sheultimately invented Myers-Briggs Type Indicator towards testing human psychologicalpreferences (Myersbriggs.org 2017). MBTI technique can be used in various types of setting towards better understanding thepsychology of people (Prasad 2016). It can also be used in a workplace for better team building

MYERS-BRIGGS TYPE INDICATOR2and enhanced communication through better understanding of the employee’s psychology(Gordon 2015).Reflection on MBTI Test ReportFrom the MBTI profile received from the test, I have found that I have extremebenevolent of humanity. Moreover, my MBTI profile is ENFJ (extravert, intuitive, feelings andjudging). This profile confirms my thoughts regarding my personality perception. However, I amsurprised that I have tremendous charisma in manipulating or nurturing others. The profileconfirms my thoughts that I believe in my dreams and try to achieve those dreams. Furthermore,the MBTI profile also confirms my thoughts that I can handle numerous numbers of taskssimultaneously. However, I am surprised that I have tremendous entrepreneurial ability, as I haveno entrepreneurial experience. However, the profile confirms to my thoughts that I often neglectmy needs for satisfying the needs of others. In some situation, people think about me that I am extraverted. Such as when Ivolunteered at Laboratory Blood testing in Chelsea and Westminster hospital, I had aspontaneous conversation with the participants regarding benefits of the test. However, theprofile confirms that I prefer extraversion over introversion by 22%. Often, people think that I donot have much concern for other people’s feelings and therefore, have less sensing level.However, I am quite different from the perception they hold about me. I am quite sensible anddemonstrate high level of concern about others.

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