Test Cases for Device Features, Input Parameter Range, ASCII Character Input, and Static Integer Variable


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NAME, 05 OCTOBER, 20161.A device supports two features: Feature A and Feature B. Both can be turned off and on. Feature B is dependent on Feature A. Therefore, if Feature A is off, Feature B will not work.Feature A is on by default. Design the optimal set of test cases that will test all combinationsof Feature A and Feature B. ANSWER:TEST CASE IDDESCRIPTIONEXPECTEDRESULTACTUAL RESULTSUCCESS /FAILURE1Feature A is turned off and B is on.Feature A and B will not workFeature A and B doesn’t workSuccess2Feature A is on and feature B off.Feature A will work and B will not work.Feature A worksand B doesn’twork.Success3Feature A is turned off and B is off. Feature A and B will not workFeature A and B doesn’t workSuccess4Feature A is on and feature B is on.Feature A will work and B will also work.Feature A worksand B also work.Success2.Unsigned integer X is an input parameter to a device. The device expects X to be within a range, X = [a,b]. a and b are included in the range, and b is always greater than a. Create theoptimized number of tests to verify that a device can receive X. Specify a value for X in eachtest case.ANSWER:TEST CASE IDVALUE OF XDESCRIPTIONEXPECTEDRESULTACTUALRESULTSUCCESS /FAILUREab112b>aX will be accepted by deviceAcceptedSuccess221a>bX will not be accepted by device.RejectedSuccess311a=bX will not be accepted by device.RejectedSuccess435b>aX will be accepted by deviceAcceptedSuccess3.A requirement states that an ASCII character X can be an input for a system. For inputcharacters ‘0’-‘9’, the system executes a particular function. Considering this is a black box system, what values of X would you use to test the system?

NAME, 05 OCTOBER, 2016ANSWER: we assume that if the value between the value including the boundary, is enteredthe, a function will be executed and result will be success. Else if other values are enteredthen the result is failure. Let the particular function = ‘abc’The boundary values are:1.Lower boundary = 02.Upper boundary = 9The test cases for this situation are:TEST CASEIDVALUE OF XDESCRIPTIONEXPECTEDRESULTACTUALRESULTSUCCESS /FAILURE1-1Values is less than lowerFunction‘abc’ will notbe executed‘abc’ notexecuted.Success20LowerBoundaryvalueFunction‘abc’ will be executed.‘abc’executed.Success32Value withinthe boundaryFunction‘abc’ will be executed.‘abc’executed.Success49UpperboundaryvalueFunction‘abc’ will be executed.‘abc’executed.Success510Value greaterthan the upperboundaryFunction‘abc’ will notbe executed‘abc’ notexecuted.Success68Value withinthe boundary.Function‘abc’ will be executed.‘abc’executed.Success4.What attributes are found in a typical test case? Please provide at least three examples in table format using the tests that you created in Question 3.ANSWER: the attributes of a test case are:ATTRIBUTESDESCRIPTIONTEST CASE IDEach test case will have a unique ID, whichis used to identify it.DESCRIPTIONDescription of what is to be tested.EXPECTED RESULTThe result that should come after testingACTUAL RESULTThe result that actually occurs after testingVALUE OF VARIABLEInput value of the variable or function that

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