Benefits of Knowledge Management System in an Organization


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Knowledge Management System
The knowledge management system is an Information Technology platform that
facilitates storage and retrieval of knowledge, enhances partnership, captures the purposes of
learning, finds the sources of information, and make use of experience through improving the
processes of knowledge management (Santoro et al., 2018)
Knowledge Management Importance in an Organisation
The knowledge management system has various benefits to an organization which
includes accelerating the access of information and knowledge, boosts information inventions
and innovations and change in culture, enhances decision-making processes, improves the
satisfaction of customers and improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of the operations of an
organization (Santoro et al, 2018)
Accelerate Access of Information.
Knowledge management in an organization makes it simple for the organization to find
the information required by the company or the people responsible for handling the information
that the organization needs to use (Hislop, Bosua and Helms, 2018). The knowledge
management system improves the productivity and efficiency of the business, and it also ensures
that the organization works better, which increases the tendency of business growth.
Enhances Decision-Making Processes.

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The management and the top employees of the organization can enhance their decision-
making process by using the knowledge management system of the whole organization any time
they require the information. The business collaboration tools improve access to experiences and
the perspectives of various people during decision-making processes, which directly leads to
different options of the choices to be selected (Todorović, 2015, pp.772-783).
Promotes culture change and inventions.
Knowledge management system in an organization encourages and facilitate the sharing
of ideas, access to the updated information and teamwork in the organization (Honarpour, Jusoh,
and Md Nor, 2018, p. 801). The system furthermore makes people stimulate invention and
innovation, including the changes in culture required to transform the organization and meet the
continually changing needs of the business.
Improves Satisfaction of the Customer.
The collaboration and the knowledge sharing within and without the organization helps to
improve the value at which the customers are treated and attended to. The business is in the
position to provide expert answers within a short, which in turn improves the product.
Improves the efficiency of the organization.
The employees and the knowledge workers can effectively work due to the increasing
speed of information access and resources in the organization. According to (Omotayo, 2015,
pp.1-23.) the study that was undertaken where many executives of various organizations

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underwent interview shows that social technologies for collaboration enhance the processes of
the business and the general performances.
Technologies used in support knowledge management
Various technologies can be used to support the knowledge management processes
discusses bellow;
Workflow system.
This is a system that enables process representation to be an association with its creation,
its use and how the organization will manage the knowledge such as the process of production
and utilization of the documents and forms (Ladd, 2016).
This a software used in the knowledge management system to enable sharing and
collaboration of the information. This software avails the tools for sharing of documents,
corporate emails, discussions among various features related to information sharing.
Enterprise Portals.
These are the software that collectively joins the information in the whole organization.
The knowledge management system uses this to provide information to various groups, which
include the project team (Kudryavtsev, and Gavrilova, 2016).

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