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Develop and Apply Knowledge of Marketing and Communication Industry- Assessment

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Name: _______________________Subject Name: Develop and apply knowledge of marketingcommunications industry Subject Code: BSBMKG418Learner Workbook 1 of 2
Develop and Apply Knowledge of Marketing and Communication Industry- Assessment_1
Assessment Cover Sheet Faculty:Business Services Section:Business ServicesCampus:Qualification Name:Certificate IV Marketing and CommunicationsTAFECourse no:BSB42415Unit of Competency Number & Name:BSBMKG418 - Develop and apply knowledge of marketing communication industryAssessment 1Task 1Workbook 1AssessmentDue Date:25/05/2020Assessment Instructions:Complete all tasks detailed in the following pagesFill in this assessment cover sheet and submit with your completed assessment task- Read assessment criteria, tick the ‘student originality declaration, write/insert name, student ID and sign below.Sign the declaration belowSubmit the completed task within the outlined timeframe Number of words/pagesPresentation required i.e. ppt/pressi/hardcopyAny time specificationsAssessment Criteria:Research and report on the marketing communications industry structure, its role in society and within particularorganisationsDevelop a stakeholder analysis relevant to particular organisationsScope the impact of new and alternative communication technology on the marketing communications industryResearch and report on the current issues affecting the marketing communications industry.Discuss current issues and trends which affect the marketing communications industryCategorise industry structures and networksDescribe organisational and client operating environments, structures, and business and marketing plansList the current digital communications technologies, platforms and devicesOutline principles and practices of marketing communications and media strategies.STUDENT ORIGINALITY DECLARATION: Please tick to indicate that you understand the following statements:I declare that:xThe attached assessment is my own work, except where I have cited the original source (check with your teacher as appropriate citation is different for different courses). For the purposes of assessment, I give the assessor of this assessment permission to:xReproduce my work and provide a copy to another member of staff, andxValidate the assessment for its authenticity which may include communicating a copy of my work to a checking service (which may keep a copy of my work on its database for future plagiarism checking).Student Name:Student ID:Student Signature:Date:Assessment Outcome:Satisfactory (S) Not Satisfactory (NS) Resubmit (RS) Assessor Name & Signature:Date:BSBMKG418 Workbook 1of 2 v1.1_27 April 20Page 2 of 10
Develop and Apply Knowledge of Marketing and Communication Industry- Assessment_2
In Task 1 you will identify and access sources of information on the marketing communication industry todevelop knowledge of the marketing communications industry.1.1)List five broad sources for obtaining information on the Marketing Communications Industry.The media, industry associations and bodies, industry news sites and publications, survey research and workplace1.2)Briefly describe each information source, what information is provided and the credibility of the source.Insert your response in the table below.Information SourceDescription, content and credibility to the market on identifying a credible source and how to evaluate web resources. Privately run review website on Web Hosters. Provides free information and recommendations. Australian government website that provides information and advice on developing business plans, legal obligations for marketing, intellectual property and trademark laws.Australian Bureau of StatisticsGovernment website that provides trusted official statistics on various economic, social, population and environmental matters within website containing official information and resources on how to set up a business, explaining laws around import/export laws and provides an understanding on Australian business regulations. WikipediaWritten by experts and ordinary people, have to make sure information is backed by cited sources. Have to also check cited sources to ensure authenticity. Provides information and resources across all subjects known to man (roughly).Australian Small Business Advisory ServicesGovernment website that provides an entry point for information, support and services to the Australian business community. Australian Taxation Office website that provides information, support and services towardsindividuals, businesses and not-for-profits regarding tax and superannuation.Australian Securities and Investment Commission website that provides information on how to start, manage and close your business/company as well as information on how they regulate financial services and products.Australian Competition and Consumer CommissionGovernment website that provides information regarding competition and fairtrade laws in markets for consumers, businesses, and communities.BSBMKG418 Workbook 1of 2 v1.1_27 April 20Page 3 of 10
Develop and Apply Knowledge of Marketing and Communication Industry- Assessment_3

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