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Gender Communication: Understanding the Differences and Stereotypes

Added on -2019-09-23

This article discusses the impact of gender construction on communication and explores the differences and stereotypes in gender communication. It also analyzes how marketing creates artificial segregation of products for men and women. The article cites various BuzzFeed videos to illustrate the differences in communication styles between men and women.
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Last name: 1Name:Instructor:Course:Date:Gender CommunicationGender is constructed with the socialization and reflects the expectations of the gender roles in particular culture. The understanding what is masculine and what is feminine is influenced by the communication with others. Thus, the researchers differently evaluate of the extent of gender variations and its significance in the communications. However, it is clear the due to the social norms the communication of women and man varies. From the gender difference perspective, men are more emotionally restrictive while women are more supportive in time of stress (textbook 84). Additionally, the studies show that men tend to interrupt more and dominate in the conversation in the variety of settings. Accordingto style different perspective, men see the conversation as a contest and opportunity to gain the status ( textbook 89). Deborah Tannen distinguished two dimensions of conversation: style and connection. The style based on hierarchy, the connection is non hierarchical. Therefore, men focus more on status and women on the connection. Because historically, women were in the subordinate position and men in dominant, the male style of communication is affirmative, and women's is more subtle. The BuzzFeed Videos provide the illustration of the differences in the

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