Advertising of Tobacco Products Should Be Banned at the Earliest


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[Last Name] 1Name:Instructor Name:Course Number:Date: February 23, 2019Tobacco Advertising Should Be BannedTobacco is a product that is sold worldwide by various corporate organisations aroundthe world. These organisations do have enough funds to promote and market tobaccoconsumption among general consumers. This tends to influence the mindset of consumerstowards the consumption of tobacco and tobacco-related products (Kamerow, Douglas 2014).There has been growing demand from various civil right activists and health care activists aroundthe world to ban advertising of tobacco in mainstream media communication channels like printmedia, television media, radio advertising, etc. The government has been one of the biggestenemies of tobacco companies, in every budget of governments around the world, there is apattern; they impose necessary taxation on tobacco products and companies so that consumptionof tobacco can be discouraged in an effective way. Thesis:According to the General's Report of Surgeon, "Cigarettes contains in excess of 7000synthetic concoctions including hundreds which are perilous and at least which cause cancer"
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[Last Name] 2(Mitchell, 2010). The general wellbeing of American individuals ought to be the fundamentalneed of American business.The current report will be going to discuss the issue of tobacco advertising and itsinfluence on consumption of tobacco and tobacco products, whether tobacco advertising shouldbe banned or not and the possible solution for the issue along with necessary arguments in favourand against will be discussed in detail under the report.Opposition ClaimThe opposing view to the topic of banning tobacco products is that it should not bebanned. The supporting view is that companies and business incur necessary cost for the purposeof manufacturing of tobacco products and therefore in order to recover their cost and make someprofits, it is justified to do advertising of different products on mainstream media. Also, the factthat tobacco products can be sold with a clear warning on the product itself that the same isinjurious to health and regular consumption of the same can lead to various kind of illnessincluding cancer (Scollo, Michelle, et al. 2015). The audience targeted through advertising areabove the age of 18, and therefore they are prudent enough to take the decision whether toconsume tobacco products or not.Consumption of tobacco is the sole discretion of an individual who is adult and thus if onedecides to consume it at his own will, how and why should it matter anyone? There might beplenty of other bad habits that an individual may possess and which may be equally injurious forhis health, but those products which create this habit are also promoted and marketed on a globallevel like fast food business, then why tobacco products can’t (Raptou, Elena, et al., 2012).Strengths and weakness of opposing claimsStrengths
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[Last Name] 3Tobacco offers a natural neurotoxin known as alkaloid nicotine, which assists in combining withthe other ingredients and can be utilized for pest control. While smoking, carbon monoxide is released into the bloodstream. It assists in preventing theblood clots.Tobacco industry provides employment to thousands of people in their manufacturing factoriesand for other business operation purpose.WeaknessesTobacco in cigarettes and the direct consumption of tobacco causes cancer.Bad breathing is also one of the outcomes after the consumption of tobacco.Advertising of tobacco on national television can influence kids and children to consume thesame.Own ClaimAs far as own claim is concerned, it can be said that tobacco advertising should bebanned at the earliest. This is because tobacco advertising impacts and influences the mindset ofthe young generation and compels them to consume cigarettes. The big corporate companies thatare engaged behind the manufacturing of tobacco products advertise for the sole aim of makinghuge profits and thus influencing the young generation for consumption of tobacco products inthe longer run. Banning advertisements can reduce the consumption of these products in thesociety thereby reducing the adverse effects on the health of individuals (Zhu, Shu-Hong, et al.,2014). Due to the excess consumption of tobacco products, various families and their kids haveseen fights and disputes in their life due to change in the behaviour of those who consume
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