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Name. Sender’s address,. City,. 9/5/2017. Title: To cle

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Name Sender’s address,City,9/5/2017Title: To clear the misunderstanding of plagiarism work Name of Head of AdmissionsName of CollegeAddress of CollegeCity, State, Zip CodeRespected sir,I am writing this letter to explain you that there is some misunderstanding regarding my research work as I haven't copied my work from any side, journal, or previous research work as I don't want to spoil my career and I am seriously dedicated towards my academic studies in order to achieve my dreams in the future. Secondly, I am very hardworking, so I have made a lot of efforts in completing my research work as it is a first-hand information which is collected by myself. So kindly consider my issue as I am very dedicated towards my studies and I don't want to spoil my career.I have already cited my work properly from the sources which I have taken in order to complete my research work. In have already aware of the plagiarism issue due to which I haven't copy any single research work from anywhere, and it has already cited very carefully. So I hope that you will understand my issue as I am innocent and I haven't copied from anywhere. I hope for a favor

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