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Surname1NameTutorCourseDateThe anthropology subfield I am interested in researching is archeology. The archeologicalsubfield in a nutshell, is the study of an anthropology of past. An archeologist studies theconnection between the remains and artifacts of the previous cultures and try the reconstructionof cultural systems. They further initiate the development of techniques that help locate, recover,and date as well as preserve such remains of previous cultures.The project I would be willing to study as anthropological archeologist will be ancientMayans extinction/disappearance. The vanishing of Mayans civilization still stays unearthedissue today, even in the presence of sophisticated scientific equipment. I wish to utilize theoutcome of the material observation method as the basis of this study. This method focuses onthe location, recovery, preservation, dating, as well as analysis of Mayans material remains(Mills and Jean 97).Because the culture vanished, I think the best strategy to unravel the rationale behind theMayans’ disappearance would be referencing what is left of Mayans’ material remains.Prehistoric Mayan temples have continued to stand throughout history thus preserving essentialartifacts which could assist in discovering what might have triggered the Mayan people‘sextinction. Undertaking more in-depth examination of remains and artifacts at such venues withthe sophisticated present-day technology could further unravel likely causes previouslyundermined (del-Valle et al. 36).
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