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Natalia CristalesAssignment questions for the Lizarran Case StudyPrepare an External analysis for this case:1.What market do you plan to analyze?Foodservice2.Size of the market, growth, structure-Size of the market:244 main foodservice groups operating in SpainAccording to the September 2017 Alimarket report, in 2016, the mainfoodservice groups sold €7,950 M, representing a 7.9%growth rate on 2015.In 2015, the industry employed 418,124 people.-Growth:The rising number of tourists have ensured a constant increase and developmentof the foodservice industry all across Spain. Growth cannot only be explainedby the newly opened establishments, the 3% growth in sales per establishmentwas an important factor leading to total average sales by establishment in 2016of €720,000 in the main groups according to Alimarket.Habits and preferences of locals and visitors: Spaniards are used to eating outand frequent bars and tapas restaurants. Consumption by locals has increased by6.2% from 2015 to 2016 and the average family expenditure has grown by 5.8%and amounted to €2,507 in 2016.The expectations for the future are optimistic. In 2017 the number of visits perperson in a year to foodservice establishments was 25.-Structure: The foodservice industry consists of accommodation outlets, pubs,clubs and bars, full-service restaurants, quick- service restaurants and fast food,and others.Accommodation outlets: restaurants, bars and coffee shops located insidehotels, hostels, motels, and bed and breakfast hotels.Full-service restaurants: usually prepare food on demand and offer waiterservice to serve food to customers at their tables.Quick-service restaurants (QSR) and fast food chains: offer a limited menu thatis cooked in bulk in advance for faster delivery to customers. They areprofessionally managed and generally part of franchise operations that providestandardized ingredients delivered to each restaurant through controlled supplychannels.3.Main segmentsBars and cafeterias – 50%- 21,095 euros in salesMeals in restaurant -32%- 12,956 euros in salesSet menu -11%- 4,513 euros in sales
Natalia CristalesFast food and take-away-7%- 2,827 euros in sales4.Customers: consumer behaviorBoth Spaniards and Tourists enjoy eating out.Customers tend to view tapas as a non-essential item, that can bedisregarded easily during the financial crisis or in times of lowdisposable income in order to retain clientele, Lizarran needs to offerconstant and continued innovation.Lizarran attracts customers in all time periods during the day by offeringdifferent meals during breakfast, lunch and dinner times. Usuallycustomers tend to spend less time in the restaurant during the day. In theevenings, groups of customers, families and friends spend more timewhile enjoying a full meal and the socialization side of the experience.Most customers (71.3%) are between 30 and 45 years old from themiddle and upper-middle working class, with familiesthe most popular time for tapas consumption is in the evening or at night(50%). Mid-day/lunch time is another highly popular time for eatingtapas, with 34%The top most consumed: patatas bravas, traditional Spanish tortilla,croquettes, Russian salad and Spanish hamWhile eating at tapas restaurants, 96% of customers drink alcoholicbeverages.5.Competitive analysis (include substitute products if relevant)Highly competitive market (since the demand is so high)-Direct Competition for Lizarran:groups like Zena-Alsea, Casual Beer & Food,Restalia-Other competitors:Cerveceria Catalana, Bodega Biatrritz and VinitusCompetitive advantage:-Lizarran adds an original touch to its dishes. Simple and classic products are constantlyunder innovation, which allow them to adapt. wide range of product offerings.-Lizarran tries to increase revenues in each establishment by covering all time slotsduring the day (breakfast in the morning, midday offerings) and using promotions suchas happy hours, to influence demand at low peaks.-It offers a traditional ambience with modern flair. Lizarran can be differentiated asbeing an ethnic, trendy and innovative establishment amongst others in the industry.-Additional services: television system Wi-Fi, outside smoking areas, sometimes aterrace and blackboards showing updates about latest offerings, exclusively forcustomers.
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