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Nature And Role Of Promotional Mix

Added on - 21 Jan 2020

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Promotional mix focuses on four important elements of promoting a product designed by thecompany. Promotional mix is an important tool on marketing the services to the right customer.Nature and role of Promotional mix is discussed below as-Advertising- It is a way of communication of the services been provided by the travel andtourism provider. This activity attracts customers towards the company. Frequency ofadvertising messages is important to generate interest of the customer toward the productsand services of the company. Thus, Advertising activity helps the company to create newpotential customers for increasing sales of the company (Hall, Timothy and Duval, 2012).ISales promotion- It is a method to stimulate consumer purchase through contests,sweepstakes, coupons, and etc. Sales promotion are done to attract customers by providingthem lucrative deals and option. These are important as they generate interest of thecustomers towards the services provided by the company. They serve as a short termpromotional activity directed to directly hit the eye of the customer.Public relation- To build a positive image of the company in the eyes of the customer publicrelations activities are performed. It helps Thomas Cook to evaluate public attitudes towardsthe services being provided by the company. It plays an important role in placing the brandimage if the company in the market.Personal selling- In this the company tries to personally sell products and services troughdoor to door selling or one to one interactions. It lets the company to directly interact withthe client by face to face meeting or through telephonic conversations. The sale personthrough his/her caliber sells the products and service of the company to the customers(Sharpley, 2006). It plays a crucial role in manipulating the customer and emphasizing onpurchasing of packages which are designed by Thomas Cook.Direct marketing – It can be regarded as a form of advertising that allows the businesses tovommuniccare with clients through a variety of means. These include text messaging,promotional letters, websites as well as emails. In this regard, for the given tour package bythomas cook to egypt and morocco, there can be use of fliers as well as catalouges topeomote the package.
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