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Negotiation Question 2
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Negotiation Question 2
1. The two negotiating parties are the city Mayor’s representative and the
representative of a real estate developing firm by the name Curry. The issue
of contention is about the development of Ladner Square Building project
which is a project to expand an old mill house. All parties are in a kind of a
stack situation hence unable to proceed with their conflicting interests. The
parties therefore have decided to approach the issue by way of negotiation
(Katie Shonk, 2020).
2. Each party had their own goals before and during negotiations. The following
were the goals and issues that each party was hoping to address;
Mayor’s goal and issues
I as the Mayor’s representative, my goal was to have the conflict solved
without vilifying the Mayor’s name as the cause of delayed city council
approvals since the mayor was to vie for the city council elections again.
My role was to ensure the following issues are addressed;
a. A linkage cash payment amounting to $100,000 to be payed to the city
b. Contribution in kind to the city to reach $350,000 which was in form of
constructing daycare facilities, city parking lots and other developments.
c. A total of $450,000 to be contributed to the city both in kind and cash.
Curry’s goal and issues
I was to address the following issues as the corporation’s representative;
Negotiation Questions | Assignment_2

a. The project has already costed the corporation $1,755,000 and returns on
investment yet to be realized.
b. The Corporation president is willing to proceed and bide to the
municipality demands so long as the total cost of such concessions will
not go beyond $400,000
c. The corporation requires immediate approvals and acquisition of the
d. It is imperative that the permits be obtained to avoid the company
renegotiating its loan facility terms with the bank since the renegotiation
process will be time consuming
e. The corporation is willing to do any project in kind such as building a park,
roads, daycare facility and others so long as the total cost does not
exceed $400,000
The overall goal of negotiation: we were to compromise and our interests
to reach a win-win solution
3. Parties’ preparations for the negotiation
i. We as the partied from both sides made assessment of our needs to
realize what we wanted out of the negotiation.
ii. We had possible concessions in mind to avoid being over-aspiring
iii. We all researched and consulted our seniors on the Best Alternative to
a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA).
iv. We had a reservation point in mind.
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