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Network Addressing and Security

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Added on  2019-10-01

Network Addressing and Security

   Added on 2019-10-01

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II.Network Addressing and SecurityA.SubnetingBusiness NeedThere is need to create 8 subnets for the network of two buildings of UMUC. Each of the subnethas also required with 25 IP addresses to be assigned for 25 hosts computer system except theshared printer for which there is need of 14 IP addresses.Required Subnet SystemThe IP address which is assigned for buildings is This is a class C IP address wherefirst three octets are network address and last 1 octet is host address. Hence for 8 bit host addressthere would be 28-2 hosts are created [1].The requirements of subnet and computer IP addresses are detailed under the given table.Subnet DescriptionNo. of IP address RequiredClassroom 125Classroom 225Classroom 325Classroom 425Computer Lab25Administrative Office25Library25Shared Printers14
Network Addressing and Security_1
Proposed SubnetSubnetNetworkAddressHost Address RangeBroadcastAddressSubnet Mask: 1199.1.2.0199.1.2.1 - 2199.1.2.32199.1.2.33 - 3199.1.2.64199.1.2.65 - 4199.1.2.96199.1.2.97 - Lab199.1.2.128199.1.2.129 - Office199.1.2.160199.1.2.161 - - Printer199.1.2.224199.1.2.225 - proposed subnet system with 8 subnets covers all the stated requirements of two buildingnetworks of UMUC. There are need of 25 hosts for each of the 8 subnets so that all the subnetsare created by subnet mask 32 hosts are created under each of the subnet.Hence, first IP address is subnet address and last is broadcast address and rest 30 addresses areusable addresses. 25 IP addresses are allocated to hosts in each of the subnets except SharedPrinter Subnet. Therefore, 5 IP addresses in each of the subnet are free for the future use.In subnet Shared Printer 14 IP addresses are used for host printers and rest 16 are free for thefuture use.B.Firewall Implementation
Network Addressing and Security_2
Technical RequirementsProtection of network and network resources of UMUC two building LANs System fromexternal and internal intruders are mandatory. So, that the firewall implementation into thenetwork is taken.Proposed Network Security HardwareThere are four different categories of firewalls are very common to protect the network resourcesfrom intruders and hackers. These firewalls can be implemented to two building LANs andWAN.Packet filtering firewall is implemented for filter out the packets incoming from WAN toLAN or vice versa in both building network [2]. This firewall is placed between the externalnetwork and internal network link at router of buildings. Circuit Level Gateway is a type of firewall implemented between the local network andexternal network link to monitor the TCP level handshake during the connectionestablishment between host and external WAN server. This firewall does not inspect thepackets. State full inspection Firewall is implemented between the local network and external WANnetwork link to monitor packet flowing through established network connection. If the packetis not part of the current established network connection between the host of local and serverof external network then this firewall drops the packet. [2].Application Level Gateways are proxy firewall implemented into the server of the localnetwork. This firewall changes the local host IP address with a dynamic IP address which isnot identified by the external network.Packet filtering firewall is selected to be implemented for two building LANs links with WANThe Cisco firewall is selected and the of of cisco firewall is approx. $ 290.The rules are configured as follows.Rules#TransportProtocolSource IPAddressSourcePortNumberDestinationIP AddressDestinationPortNumber Action tobe taken1TCPany80199.1.2.0/2480Allow2TCPany143199.1.2.0/24143Allow3TCPany110199.1.2.0/2480Allow4TCP199.1.2.0/2480any80Allow5TCP199.1.2.0/24143any143Allow6TCP199.1.2.0/24110any80AllowJustification
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