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Network Customization and Optimization for UMUC

Preparing a network design proposal for the University of Maryland University College, assessing technical requirements and proposing a solution.

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Added on  2023-06-03

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This article discusses the technical requirements and proposed solutions for network customization and optimization for the University of Maryland University College (UMUC), including network and cloud-based storage, data protection and backup, networking monitoring, log storage and maintenance, and troubleshooting methodology.

Network Customization and Optimization for UMUC

Preparing a network design proposal for the University of Maryland University College, assessing technical requirements and proposing a solution.

   Added on 2023-06-03

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Network Customization and Optimization
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III. Network Customization and Optimization
A. Network and Cloud Based Storage
Technical requirements
Storage of data for the University of Maryland University College is very important. UMUC’s data
has be organized in a good manner and stored securely. These data has to be stored in a central
place where it can be accessed easily with the authorized persons [1], [2]. The following assumptions
are made:
Campus staff and students are able to access the web portal with ease from the online
The network is of high-speed.
There will be a dedicated private cloud
Proposed Network Systems hardware
To have the above mentioned technical requirements, a number of hardware or outsourced service
has to be availed. In addition the mentioned network hardware requirements that were mentioned
in section I) part E), we will require an outsourced service to host the files in cloud. Amazon Cloud
Storage will be our choice. The selection is made on the basis of available space, cost, security,
availability, disaster recovery mechanisms put in place and consistent support offered by Amazon
technical team [3].
On the basis of the assumptions made in the technical requirements section, high speed connection
is necessary to support access of online library resources. A dedicated cloud service implies full
access of the resources at all times regardless of the heavy traffic nor no traffic at all. Web portal has
to be accessed securely and solely by the UMUC fraternity alone.
B. Data Protection and Backup
Technical requirements
UMUC management understand the importance of data availability at the right time when required.
It therefore implies that any kind of data loss cannot be entertained by the administration. This then,
means that data has to be protected and backups made on frequent basis. We assume that two
types of data backups have to be made. These are, partial and fullback. Partial backups are taken
three times a day whereas fullback up is done on daily basis. More so, data has to be protected in a
manner that not everyone has access to any data. Only authorized users are necessitated to access
the data.
Proposed Computer Systems Hardware
Data security will be taken care of by the domain and data crypts. Domain user groups on the
network will be given access data which they are supposed to access. Some of the rights will include
reading alone. The administrators will have the ability to read and write the data. However, this will
be done in certain levels.
Network Customization and Optimization for UMUC_1
The computing system implemented will be performing data backups automatically without the
human intervention.
We assumed that UMUC has Active Directory services that performs network level authentication.
The authentication will also apply to access of data within the institution. Additionally, we assume
that UMUC has enough storage space to store backed data.
C. Networking Monitoring
Technical requirements
UMUC IT technical team understand that it is important to have a network monitoring system. In the
implementation of the monitoring system, we assume the following:
all the normal traffic has to be permitted
network logs has to be backed-up
report has to be generated on any flagged fishy activities
record of all network activities has to be generated
Proposed Network Monitoring Solutions
To achieve the above suggested technical requirements, a network monitoring tool has to be
availed. In our network monitoring activities, we select Wireshark network monitoring tool due to its
capability to perform a number of activities [4].
Network monitoring is really necessary as for UMUC for it is a good practice in a networking
environment to be countable on any activity that is taking place on the network as an administrator.
Backup of network logs is important as it may be used in decision making by the administration.
D. Log Storage and Maintenance
Technical requirements
Logs and Maintenance report of a network infrastructure are necessary both to the IT technical team
and administration. The reporting aspect can give the administration the picture of networking
device and correct decision made. For example, a frequently repaired device implies that, the device
is failing and a replacement has to be done. This exactly what UMUC requires.
Proposed Computer Systems Hardware
To come up with analysis report on log storage and maintenance, we require the use of TACACs
system. The protocol authenticates all the users and records every activity log in its server system.
In addition, a ticketing system is necessary as it may provide a picture of the activities assigned to IT
staff to solve regarding the network.
In the above technical requirement, we assume that our IT staff are competent enough and a
frequently serviced item is not as a result of poor service, but it is the device that is failing.
Additionally, we assume that UMUC campus has TACACs server that is used to authenticate users on
the network.
Network Customization and Optimization for UMUC_2

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