Network Redesign and Solution


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Network Redesign Template*Overview (one page)Provide a clear and concise description of the organisation, the business domain, network issues, and your actions to address these issues including the components of your recommended network redesign.Identify Organisation’s Needs and ConstraintsBusiness Goals aimed to meet organisation’s business objectives, and the need to work within business constraints (two pages).Technical Goals aimed to support business transactions:Scalability (half a page) Availability (half a page) Network performance (half a page)Security (half a page) Manageability (half a page) Usability (half a page)Adaptability (half a page)Affordability (half a page)Existing NetworkAnalysis of Existing Network – brief description of current topology, physical infrastructure, and network’s performance (one page).Network Maps (WAN and LANs) – Block diagrams of current hosts, interconnecting devices, and network segments (two pages).Network Infrastructure Issues – summary of current network-related issues (one page).Network Traffic Analysis Traffic Flow – sources and destinations of network traffic. In this section, you consider current and new network applications and services to determine the flow (two page)Traffic load – to ensure enough capacity for local and internetworking flows. Take into account the workstations, servers, time hosts are required to be active, latency, and the like (two pages)Protocols and Quality of Service Requirements (one page)Networks and Information Security Case study - Copyright © Edilson Arenas – CQUniversity*Template adapted from Oppenheimer, P. (2011). Top-Down Network Design (3rd Edition). Indianapolis, In: Cisco Press.
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