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Network Security Plan Template

Added on -2019-09-21

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Network Security Plan Template*Introduction (one page)Provide a clear and concise description of your network security plan in terms of the organisation’s needs. Make sure to include a brief description of the organisation, the business domain, security issues, your action plan to address the issues, and respective recommendations.Scope (one page)Focusing on the mission of the project, describe as clear as possible the deliverables of the plan and milestones.Objectives (one page)Provide clear and concise statements about what the security plan is designed to achieve. Include the business and technical goals to ensure the network is protected against intruders.Assumptions (one page)The information provided in the case study is not comprehensive, therefore a number of factors need to be assumed. Document any assumptions you make, in preparing the plan.Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity (five pages)Business Impact AnalysisInsurance ConsiderationIncident Response TeamPhysical SafeguardsPrepared ItemsIncident Response ProceduresRestoration ProceduresForensics ConsiderationsMaintaining the PlanSecurity Strategies and Recommended Controls (two pages)Security StrategiesSpecific recomended Controls to mitigate the risks uncovered.Residual Risks (three pages)*Networks and Information Security Case study - Copyright © Edilson Arenas - CQUniversity

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