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Network Topology Assignment

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Added on  2020-05-04

Network Topology Assignment

   Added on 2020-05-04

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Solution 1Given:a)This is Common Emitter / Common Collector cascade type of the amplifier and feedback in this case is series feedback. The topology used is Current shunt-mixing (shunt-series) topology.Now if we do the suggested change then we have shunt-shunt topology.b)DC Voltage
Network Topology  Assignment_1
Network Topology  Assignment_2
SoI1=100.40.5k=19.2mAI1=100.40.64k=15mAV1=0.3VV2=0.1415VV2=2.1Vc)Now we can have below configurations
Network Topology  Assignment_3
Considering short circuits for BJT
Network Topology  Assignment_4

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