Networking. In this present paper, we will discuss the

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In this present paper, we will discuss the two topics, namely, security as a service and network file system. The paper also describes the relationship with the information security. The security as a service is defined as the business model in which the service providers are integrated with the service of security into the infrastructure of corporate on a subscription basis. It is more cost effective than the individual or companies can take for its own. The cloud is used for delivering the service without the use of premises hardware. The security service comprises of anti-virus, anti-malware, security event management, intrusion detection and others. The network file system is defined as the distributed file system which allows accessing the computer of a client in which the files are accessed which are on the computer networks.There is a direct relationship between the Network File System and information security. The service security administration provides approval to the validated clients. The two steps are required in the Network File System, namely, mount access and file access. The security for mount access is provided by etc. exports file. The file is accessed by the permission received by the drive (Kaneko et al., 2012). The network file system is basically an open standard which is defined in request for comments and it allows implementing the protocol. The principal motivation is an attempt which is done to eliminate the performance issue of the synchronous operation in the version two of network file system. The network file system updates with the security and it has the good performance in thecopying of large file workloads.

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