Networking Industry Based Project Proposal Form.

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NetworkingIndustryBasedProjectProposalForm(This project proposal should be for 2 trimesters – 24 weeks over 2 trimesters)From: Miqdad HassanCareerDC Group Pty. Ltd.T:02 8065 4040 | an attendance system using RFID reader and Raspberry Pi, and connect itto local networkIndustryClientDetails (Compulsory for all proposals)Company Name:BRR TechnologyABN:95 423 604 661Company address:21/296 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville NSW 2204Company Profile:Full service technology consultancy company delivering high performingand advanced functionality software solutions for growing companies.Website: Assigned Supervisor DetailContact Name:Mohammad Al KhaliliEmail Number:02 8065 4040Brief Biography:Mohammad is an experience Business Development Manager with over 10years experience in Business, Technology and Entrepreneurship.Client Name and SignatureDate: 18/06/2019Mohammad Al KhailiIndustry Assigned SupervisorName and SignatureDate: 18/06/2019Mohammad Al KhailiPage1of 2
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