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Simulation Programs for Bridge Processing and Routing

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Added on  2019-09-18

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In this assignment, you will write two programs for simulation - one for bridge processing and one for routing. The program should read a text file that contains the forwarding database (FDB) and routing table respectively. Produce output showing how each packet will be handled by the router. Your program should be written in a general manner, in the sense, it should work for any routing table and any packet. Submit the source code and sample runs of the program.
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NETWORKSASSIGNMENTInthisassignment,youwillwritetwoprogramsforsimulation-oneforbridgeprocessingandonefor routing.YoumayuseJava,C,C++orPythonasthelanguageforbuildingyourprograms.1.Write asimple program tosimulate the bridge processing flowchart discussed inthelectures.The programshouldreadatextfilethatcontainstheforwardingdatabase(FDB).Thefirstlineinthetext file contains the number of ports on the bridge. The program should then read another textfile containingrandomlygenerateframesjustthesourceanddestination numbersandportnumbersof arrival.Foreachframe,theprogramshouldusetheflowchart tomakeanupdateoftheforwarding databaseand/ortoforward/discardtheframe.IgnoretheCRCerrordetectionpart(thatis,assumethat theframesareerrorfree).Includethesourcecodeandsamplerunsoftheprogram.
Simulation Programs for Bridge Processing and Routing_1

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