Newton/Motion Test Study Guide.

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Newton/Motion Test Study GuideWrite the page numbers down from your notebook or create your own personal study sheet using aseparate sheet of paper.The following topics will be on the test:AccelerationNet ForceUnbalanced forceVelocityCHANGESwhen thedirectionof motionchangesFriction...What does friction look like at the atomic levelNewton’s 1stlaw of motionNewton’s 2ndlaw of motion---------and the equation associated with itNewton’s 3rdlaw of motionExamples of EACH does mass affect inertiaAverage speed...This is measured inm/sWhat a force isWhat units measure force? Newton’sUnit for accelerationm/s2Mass (amount of _________ in an object)How to solve for speed. Equation is S=D/T (Speed= Distance/Time)Know the relationship betweenForce,MassandAcceleration(just like the write up we did)Newton’s three laws are the most important part of this test. Use your notebook to help study whateach law is and how they apply to REAL WORLD SCENARIOS. We did LOTS of examples for this, usethem!
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