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National Kidney Registry's Data Hosting and Infrastructure Outsourcing to Rackspace

Added on -2023-06-03

The National Kidney Registry outsourced its data hosting and infrastructure to Rackspace due to security and privacy concerns of its sensitive data on kidney donors and recipients. NKR migrated its email system, database, and website to Rackspace. Rackspace provides security baseline services and certificates of security to ensure the privacy and security of data for donors, participating hospitals, and recipients. NKR's complex algorithms ensure successful matches between donors and recipients.
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Summary of the Case
The NKR is an organization that handles the largest paired
exchange program for organ donors particularly in the United
Its main mission is to get as many patients matched and
transplanted as possible especially patients who have donors
and need a better match.
Since its inception, NKR has supported more than 2000
However, due to the security and privacy concerns of its data,
NKR acquired the services of Rackspace for both data hosting
and storage needs.
Summary of the case
Since Rackspace operates a private cloud hosting service, the
company has been able to provide base line security services for
NKR hence assuring that recipients, donors and transplant center
have faith in NKR services by their data being safe.
The National Kidney Registry has also been able to focus on its
mission/core competencies without having any worry about the
security or privacy of their data since Rackspace has
demonstrated its reliability over the years.
Summary of the case
In comparison to other transplant centers that are not part of the NKR,
the NKR has remained to be the leading kidney exchange program that
allows improved transplant outcomes due to their donor matching

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