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NoSQL AND ITS IMPORTANCE TO BIG DATA1IntroductionThe relational database is built extant to the programming language of SQL, and the organizations prefer this choice of the technology of database. The database of NoSQL supports the design of schema, providing the potential for maximized flexibility, customization, and scalability in comparison to the software of relational database. And this makes it suitable for thevarious applications of the web, systems of content management. Basically, the technology of NoSQL is designed for the big data. But for some users, the choices of NoSQL database are confusing like they don’t understand that which application should be used for the big data. The databases of NoSQL are characterized under various categories like the databases of the document, key-value, graph and the stores of the wide column. Further, the requirement of NoSQL is given for the better understanding and the various approaches of NoSQL for the scenario of big data and how it is important for the big data. Further, the suitability of the solution of NoSQL is given that can be used for the big data. Then, the example of an organization is given which is using the database of NoSQL for the big data in order to maximizeprofitability.Need of NoSQL NoSQL is used for the various internet organizations like Amazon, Google, etc. in order to cope up with the challenges of RDBMS. Moreover, NoSQL uses the distant approach in order to solvethe problems of the big data. The NoSQL is required for the better working with the big data. As it requires the flexible model of data along with the better architecture of the database (G, Verma, & Aranha, 2016). Further, in order to proceed with the big data, the databases require continuous availability of the database with the support of the modern transaction. HBase for Hadoop is one of the famous databases of NoSQL which is being used by the Facebook for the infrastructure of messaging (Özcan et al., 2014). Further, the Twitter uses HBase in order to generate the data, storage of data, logging to monitor the data. MongoDB is also one of the famous database of NoSQL which is being accustomed by CERN as it is a research organization of European Nuclear for gathering the data from the “Hardon Collider” (Berg, K. L., Seymour, T., & Goel, R. 2013). The Orbitz and similar companies use the Couchbase database of NoSQL for the processing the data and then monitoring them.

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