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Nursing2IntroductionThe ratio between nurses and patients has been linked to the qualitative care a facilityprovides to it as clients. Queensland has been able to reduce the burden of disease throughlegislation on the ratio between the patients and nurses. The quality of health care inQueensland's hospitals is good due to the favorable ratio between the patients and the nurses(Staunton & Chiarella, 2012).Qualitative and qualitative comparisonA qualitative research approach does not guarantee on the precise measurement of data.The qualitative approach does not provide a mean of determining the patient satisfaction on theservices received at the health facility. A quantitative approach on the other side is an empiricalstudy that has the ability to quantify the satisfaction of patients in regard to the nurse to patientratio. A qualitative approach is based on the inductive nature that summarizes much of thepatients' feedback. The qualitative approach in research also provides a mean of linking theresearch to the findings that are generated at the end of the study. A qualitative approach has amechanism of producing authentic findings. In relation to Queensland, through legislation, thegovernment is able to regulate and ensure that a facility handles the number of patients that it isrequired to. This, in turn, enables patient satisfaction through the quality of health care that theyreceive(Harreveld, et.al, 2016).A quantitative approach was also used to improve patient satisfaction in Queenslandhospitals. This approach is measurable and thus enabled improved health care facilities inQueensland and also impacted the behavior of the nursing staff. The quantitative approach,
Nursing3unlike the qualitative research, enabled hospital management in Queensland to improve theirfacilities and receive feedback on patient satisfaction(Clift & Camic, 2016).Qualitative researchQuantitative researchConsidered to be objectiveConsidered to be subjective.Utilizes deductive approachUtilizes inductive approachIt is based on a narrow analysisBased on a broad/ large analysis.Uses numerals to analyze dataUses narratives to analyze dataIt is measurableHard to quantify.Utilization of quantitative and qualitative1.Qualitative.The qualitative approach was utilized by the Queensland hospitals to improve the process thepatients undergo before seeing their medical providers. This strategy helped in reducing much ofthe time wasted on administrative hold ups before meeting the medical providers. This wasachieved by altering the clinical structure and reviewing of the registration data. The clericalstaff at the registration and waiting area was tasked to undertake extra functions so as to hastenadministrative delays. The staff asked to be registering the patients were made to do otheradministrative works. This helped in making the patients understand whenever there were delaysas they arrived(Gair & Van Luyn, 2016).The qualitative approach helped the Queensland hospitals to reveal the differences betweenthe stipulated procedures that they ought to receive and the actual reception at the hospitals. Thisfunction helped the management of Queensland hospitals to properly monitor and enforce theguidelines as stipulated. The qualitative approach also tries to seek relevant information from thepatients. Their feedback could be categorized to their clinical needs, social welfare and the
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