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2NURSINGThe term global warming is used for a phenomena that relates to the unusually rapidincrease in the average surface temperature of the earth over the last century due tomultifactorial reasons. The impact of this phenomenon on human lives is far-reaching(Crutzen et al., 2016). The present paper would discuss global warming as one of the mostserious issues faced by the world at the present times. It would highlight the causes of globalwarming and the measures that individuals and government can take for handling thegrowing issue.Global warming has drawn the attention of concerned scholars since it brings aboutdrastic changes in the environment such as increasing global temperature, changing patternsof precipitation, rising sea levels and expansion of deserts (Carvalho, 2017). Wallace et al.,(2017) highlighted the causes of global warming in their paper. The primary reason of globalwarming is the rising amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that are commonlyproduced due to human activities. These activities include burning of fossil fuels anddeforestation. Both of these generate excess amounts of greenhouse gas emissions, such asnitrous oxide, methane, carbon dioxide, leading to global warming. Greenhouse gases arehelpful since they trap heat within the Earth's atmosphere for keeping the earth warm forsustaining life known as ‘Greenhouse Effect”. However the excessive amount of such gasesincreases the temperature unsuitably. An abnormal level of the gases, when accumulated inthe air, leads to enhancement of the greenhouse effect.According to Faaij et al., (2013) the major portion of carbon dioxide emissions arefrom the burning of fossil fuels that humans use of electricity, vehicles and machinery.Generation of methane is caused due to fossil fuel production and use, rice farming andlandfills. Nitrous oxide is generated due to use of synthetic fertilizers for agriculture.Deforestation is now known as a substantial activity undertaken by humans that involves thetransformation of forests into farms thereby increasing greenhouse gas emissions.
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