Assignment on Element of Nursing Practice

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1Running head: NURSINGNursingName of student:Name of university:Author note:
2NURSINGCritical thinking is a significant element of nursing practice and relates to theintellectual and disciplined process of application of skilful reasoning for a planned action. Innursing, the process of thinking is the ability of the individual to think in a logical mannerand systematic process that ensure better care delivery and better patient outcomes (Kim &Lee, 2016). The present paper explains the accountability and responsibility of the registerednurse in relation to ethical and legal practice critical thinking within the Australian nursingscenario. Further, it analyses the accountabilities and responsibilities realted to the nursingstudents.As opined by Choi et al., (2014) nursing practitioners are to become critical thinkersand value intellectual ability to think in a logical manner. Nurses who are critical thinkersstrive to maintain clarity, preciseness, accuracy and fairness while listening, speaking andwriting. The thinking is thereby broad and deep. As highlighted by Morton et al., (2017)critical thinking is a holistic approach and aims to maximise the output of the nurses. Itinvolves analysing a certain issue or problem by considering multidimensional approachesand coming up with novice ideas and resolutions.According to Kim and Lee (2016) nurses are accountable and responsible fordelivering high quality care services. The underlying aim is achieving desirable patientoutcomes. Nurses are to deliver comprehensive care that takes into consideration all aspectsof patient’s mental and physical wellbeing, cultural background, social status, religiousbeliefs, family structures, and personal beliefs. For addressing all these concerns whilecoming up with a care plan a nurse is to apply critical thinking. For delivering safe care,critical thinking skills are very important. Since nurses are accountable for any deteriorationand decline in patient’s condition while and after administering care interventions, criticalthinking helps in undertaking an active mental process that augments a subtle perception.This, in turn, helps in proper analysis, synthesis and evaluation of patient information
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