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Running head: NURSING ASSIGNMENTNursing assignmentName of the student:Name of the University:Author’s note
1NURSING ASSIGNMENTConcept of family in contemporary societyThe definition of family and their relationship has changed with time. In contemporarysociety, clearly understanding the structure of family is important to understand the cause ofissues in families and counsel person affected by different issues. Family can be defined as groupof people living together connected by marriage or blood relations. In the contemporary society,family may not mean living together, however the element of blood connection still defines thefamily. Family is also defined as a social group in which social group live characterized bycommon residence and cooperation in all activities. In current society, many transformationshave been observed in forms of family (Barnes & Rowe 2013). For instance, in the past more ofjoint family was seen characterized by unity and support for each other. However, now fragilefamily is seen because of shifting demographics, poverty and unequal distribution in differentsocio-demographic groups. The form of family is also changing with the changes in family needsthroughout the life course. The possible consequence of this change is the rise in contemporaryfamily issues and threat to well-being of family members (Lamanna, Riedman & Stewart 2014).On the whole, it can be stated that contemporary family is quiet fluid and changeabletoday. It is reflected by family types like single parent families, joint families, step families andhomosexual families. In the past, family was defined based on essentialist notion, however nowfluid ideology regarding family also exist due to shifting pattern of society (Park 2015).Family strength framework and application to health care practiceThe family strength framework defines the positive traits needed for promotingthe strength of a family. The main qualities that denoted family strength included commitment,positive communication, affection, sense of spiritual well-being, spending time together and
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