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Communication in Nursing Practice PDF

Added on - 16 May 2020

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Running head:NURSING REFLECTIONNursing ReflectionName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1NURSING REFLECTIONGibbs’ Reflective CycleSkill: Oral Care – Infection prevention and controlDescriptionIn this reflection, I am going to reflect on my personal experienceduring my community placement as a trainee nurse to demonstrate theprocess of infection control in dental care and oral hygiene. Theplacement simulation group which I was enrolled went to a multi-skillslaboratory to practise comprehensive oral health and hygiene. The role ofcommunity campaign was to educate the rural people living under poorhygienic set-up to understand the importance of dental hygiene. My rolewas to work under the instructions of the registered nurse or to assistthem in delivering oral hygiene. It was one month long communityplacement and during the second week of my placement, I was asked by asenior registered nurse to demonstrate proper skills for the maintenanceof oral hygiene. I was assigned a colleague and was asked to brush histeeth with the help of tooth brush and toothpaste. The first thing which Idid was, I put on gloves in order to prevent hand contamination. I alsofollowed effective hand decontamination even after wearing gloves. Asper the NICE guidelines effective hand decontamination cause significantreductions in the transmission of potential harmful pathogens present inhand. This in turn reduces the rate of occurrence of preventablehealthcare-associated infections and thereby reducing rate of mortalityand morbidity (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence 2014). Iinitiated my work after taking consent form my colleague. This is because
2NURSING REFLECTIONas per the ethical norms and code of conduct of Nursing and MidwiferyCouncil UK, a nurse needs to act in best interest of people in all time (code4). This code emphasize on taking informed consent from the patientbefore the initiation of the treatment Nursing and Midwifery Council UK2017). After taking informed consent, I undertook a quick visualassessment of his buccal cavity. 13thcode of conduct of Nursing andMidwifery Board UK (2017), instruct a nurse to accurately access thenormal signs and symptoms or worsening physical condition before theinitiation of the treatment. I then positioned him in such a comfortableposition so that he could tolerate the wash. According to the Nursing &Midwifery Board UK (2017), special pay and attention must be given inorder to satisfy the physical needs. I that point of time, physical comfortwas one of his prime needs and hence emphasized on it. Thereafter Ibrushed his teeth via proper moving the brush through the edges andcorners or each tooth and via carefully side passing the gums and tongue.I finished off via helping his to rinse his mouth first with water and thenwith mouth wash to clean his gums and tongue. I treated my partner insuch a way, pretending that he was physically unable to hold the brushand perform the oral hygiene all by himself. However, I was allowed tocommunicate with my colleague and he was allowed to assist me in termsof gargling and spitting with water at the end of the procedure.FeelingsWhen I was first informed that I will be asked to perform this task, Ifelt extremely anxious and concerned. The first thing which came to my
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