Self-Care Recovery Journey - Assignment

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Running head: NURSING ASSIGNMENTNursing AssignmentName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
1NURSING ASSIGNMENTAssessment 2. Written Assignment. Self-Care Recovery journey.Task 1: Plan and ActionIntroductionNurses who act as frontline workers of healthcare service delivery often overlook theissue of self-care, although it must be prioritized, as it is a crucial component. In order toconform to the self-care regime, it is further imperative for the nurses to make positive choicesthat are integral to harbor optimal outcomes. Relevant literature has supported that for the nurses,self-care is crucial in promotion of effective stress management thereby contributing towards ahealthier work environment. Self-care is thus directly related with the wellbeing of the nurses(Johnson, 2016). In my journey for self-care in the form of weight-gain modality, I feel adoptionof definite techniques will help me to better perform and enhance my work output as well.I want to gain weight because my friends keep ask me why I am too thin, some of myfriends tease me and I cannot work for long hour, may be because of my weight, my healthcondition is not good and I am not physically fit.Before I started my journey I weighed only 37kg.Right from the beginning of journey, I started doing push up, walked for 30 minutes everymorning and afternoon (Evans et al., 2014). I started eating high calorie food up to 300 calorie.I started eating food according to my diet plan given by my nutritionist (Samuel et al., 2017).After one and half month journey, I weighed 41 kg and my goal was to reach 50 kg.Planning PhaseIt has been on my mind since quite a long time that I need to undertake proactiveeffortsso that my weight is in check and do not go up further. Recently I have lost considerable weight
2NURSING ASSIGNMENTthat in turn is hampering my daily living to some extent. I am keen on gaining weight and focuson maintaining an ideal body weight so that the adverse outcomes related to overweight andobesity do not affect by health and wellbeing. Weight management has been referred to as acrucial step of mitigating obesity issues and harbor optimal outcomes (Jensen et al., 2013).In my effort togainweight, I feel that I will seek active support and desirable cooperationfrom two persons, my mother and a nutritionist one from my family and another therapeuticpractitioner respectively. It is imperative to receive support from the concerned persons whomight help me in focusing and keeping the self-care regime as planned on track. Nutritionist willprepare for me a definite diet plan thereby aiding in myweight-gainstrategy. Conversely, mymother at home will monitor my diet regime and ensure so that I comply with the prescribed dietplan by keeping a track of my daily food habits (Karfopoulou et al., 2016).In course of my plan development, I plan to work specifically on my daily nutritionalintake to transform my eating habit so that my weight is maintained at a steady level.My goal is to achieve the desired level ofweight-gainand maintain the ideal body weightnecessary for a healthy living.I aim to attain my goals through following a balanced and healthy diet pattern comprisingof enough fruits and vegetables that will help in attaining the recommended levels of vitaminsand minerals alongside incorporating foodstuffs that will help in maintaining the desired level ofcarbohydrate, fat and protein.I will be seeking guidance and support from a nutritionist who will prepare a definite dietplan for me upon consideration of my health related parameters and other health associatedcriteria. The type and proportion of meal as well as frequency of dietary consumption will be
3NURSING ASSIGNMENTcategorically stated in the diet plan laid down by the consulting dietician. Further, my motherwill also be responsible for keeping a strict vigilance of my dietary pattern whether I am abidingby the proposed diet plan (Anderson et al., 2014). The nutritionist will further check on myweight and overall health status during follow-up sessions. She will note down any deviationfrom my proposed diet plan that in turn will help in tracking down my progress.In course of myweight-gainprogram, I might encounter certain challenges that will posethreats in achieving the anticipated outcomes. Considering the fact, that I am a not much of a bigfoodie who likes to gorge on foods quite often, it might be difficult for me at the first stance toact in conformity with the suggested dietary plan. The tendency to skip meals might hinder mycompliance with the diet plan. Peer pressure might be another factor in case of social occasionsto consume inappropriate food that do not really go well with the suggested pattern for dietaryintake (Tylka et al., 2014). The caloric restriction might be particularly bothering all on a suddenconsidering that I was accustomed to a flexible diet pattern and resorted to binge eating to fulfillthe hunger. It may be particularly taxing for me considering that I was accustomed to less eatingand resorted to skip meals in order to remain thin as ever. It might be difficult for me to copewith this change in diet plan. However, I am sure that with the passage of time throughinculcating the willpower as the driving force to combat the weight issues in a legitimate manner,I will be in a position to address the ensuing challenges in a befitting manner. Moreover, activeassistance from the nutritionist and my family members will help me in achieving my goalproperly. Motivation might be a crucial factor to help in maintenance ofweight-gainin long term(MacLean et al., 2015).Action Phase
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