Nursing Assignment on Sociology

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Running head: NURSING ASSIGNMENT NURSING ASSIGNMENTName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1NURSING ASSIGNMENTQuestion 1: Can Sociology Enhance Nursing Practice?Sociology is a subject that deals with human’s social behavior. It talks about theevolution of societies and communities, driven by communications and interactions with eachother. Whereas, nursing is the profession to provide quality healthcare to patient and helping thefamilies during the process (Green & Earle, 2005). Therefore, it is evident that to be effective,the nursing profession relies on a proper knowledge of sociology. This essay will discuss theconnections between sociology and nursing practices and its effect on enhancing healthcare. According to Cooke (1993), sociology in nursing care enhances the ability of nurses tounderstand the sociological and psychological needs of patients. Holistic care of patient and theirfamilies is essential, as it increases the chance of recovery. Sociology in nursing practices notonly studies a person in general, but also takes account of his personal life, reaction onneighboring world and conditions of his existence. According to Adams & Tovey (2014),sociology helps the nurses to connect with the patient. Effective connection with patients helpsnurses to provide quality healthcare. Applying the knowledge of sociology in nursing practiceshelps to develop skills, which will make the nurses provide effective care to patients consideringdifferent factors that directly affect recovery and care (Green & Earle, 2005). The study ofsociology helps them to understand the social values and rituals that influences the treatmentprocedure. . There are two types of sociological education in nursing practices, first one is sociologyin nursing and other one is sociology of nursing (Green & Earle, 2005). When the sociologicalanalysis is applied on the experience of an individual or healthcare worker while providinghealthcare, it is termed as ‘sociology in nursing’. Whereas, sociological issues that affects the
2NURSING ASSIGNMENThealthcare providers as a whole, such as economic status or educational level, is termed as‘sociology of nursing’. Both these aspects enlightens the nurses with different approaches to treatpatients and carry out appropriate diagnosis (Cooke, 1993). Nurses need to be socially aware of apatient’s social existence and social values as sociology provides us the nature of illness,unhealthy behavior, and social causes of disease. The study of sociology helps the nurses toidentify the psychosocial problems of patients such as depression, hostility, hopelessness andstress (Adams & Tovey, 2014). Finally, from the above-mentioned discussion, it can be concluded that sociology is animportant factor that helps the nurses to communicate with diverse communities and enablesthem to provide quality healthcare to their patients. This essay has discussed two forms ofsociological studies in nursing, one is sociology in nursing and the other is sociology of nursing.Hence, the effect of sociological education in nursing is beneficial for both patient and thehealthcare worker. In this postmodern world, biomedical model fails to consider thepsychological, social as well as behavioral features of illness. Whereas, the bio psychologicalmodel proposed that illness is not only caused by biological factors but also by the influences ofsocial causes. Therefore, sociological study is an integral part of nursing education nowadaysand is effective in enhancing nursing practices.
3NURSING ASSIGNMENTReferencesAdams, J., & Tovey, P. (Eds.). (2014).Complementary and alternative medicine in nursing andmidwifery: towards a critical social science. Routledge.Cooke, H. (1993). Why teach sociology?.Nurse Education Today,13(3), 210-216.Green, B., & Earle, S. (2005). Why Should Nurses Study Sociology?.Sociology for Nurses, 29.

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