Nursing Assignment | Relation of Nurse and a Patient

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Running head: NURSING ASSIGNMENTNursing assignmentName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1NURSING ASSIGNMENTIn the nursing practice, the relationship between a nurse and patient is asymmetricalwhere later trusts the former in every case. Nurses face difficult ethical dilemma to navigate thatarise when autonomic decision of patients conflict with beneficent duty of nurses in looking forthe best interest of patients (Jacobs, 2016). Although, the patient has the right to deny treatment,one cannot have right to demand any sort of treatment. Nurses have the moral responsibility tooffer appropriate treatment and adhere to ethical principle depending upon the medical case.The above finding may sound alarmist, nurses have to maintain dignity and respect forpatients’ rights in the actual clinical scenario. The focus is the ethical dilemma that nurses’ facewhile attending a patient where respects for autonomy conflicts with beneficence (Beauchamp,2016). For example, in an ethical scenario where a patient diagnosed with AIDS deniedtreatment, as he believes that this would reveal HIV diagnosis to his family.Considering this scenario, I believe that as a nurse, it is our prime concern to treat hisAIDS condition, as the patient will die if the treatment does not start soon. This situation bind thehospital in an ethical dilemma, however, nurses should not end up delivery inappropriatetreatment to the patient. There is another side in this case where the hospital is violating theprinciple of autonomy where the patient refuses treatment for AIDS.It is argued that there is also violation of principle of justice as hospital is providingpartial treatment at large expenses and question that if AIDS are transmitted to the familymembers. Some researchers may argue that breaking the news of HIV positive would violate theprinciple of confidentiality and human rights. My question is that why treatment for AIDScannot be given confidentially.
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