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Nursing Assignment | Rheumatic Heart Disease

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Holmesglen Institute


Added on  2020-05-01

Nursing Assignment | Rheumatic Heart Disease


Holmesglen Institute

   Added on 2020-05-01

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1Running head: NURSINGNursing Name of student:Name of university:Author note:
Nursing Assignment |  Rheumatic Heart Disease_1
2NURSING1. Rheumatic heart disease (RHD) is the condition in which the individual suffersdamage to the heart valves after an episode of acute rhematic fever (ARF). The condition iscaused by episode or recurrent episode of ARF due to which inflammation occurs in theheart, impairing normal blood flow through the damaged valves. If left untreated, RHD leadsto heart failure, stroke and endocarditis (Stewart, 2016). Two important social determinantsof health that might have been responsibe for making Shakira more vulnerable to RHD aresocial exclusion and a lower rate of education. Being socially excluded and living in theremote rural community has been the cause of insufficient access to healthcare for Shakira. Inaddition, a lower rate of education restricts the care giving approach of parents from theindigenous community. The decision making around care for Shakira demonstrated by herfamily had been guided by low education is a negative manner (Watkins et al., 2017).Standard treatment for RHD is antibiotics for infection and blood thinning medicines.Chances of aboriginal population to suffer rheumatic heart disease is 64 times more than non-Aboriginal population (, 2017). 2.a. Cultural awareness involves the ability of the nurse to become aware of the culturalperceptions, beliefs and values of the patient that is different from his own. Culturalawareness is central to interaction carried out with people from other cultures. A nurse is torespect the patient’s cultural values and beliefs of Shakira whilecommunciating with her. b. Cultural sensitivity is the understanding of a nurse about the cultural similarities anddifferences between people without conferring them a value- right or wrong, positive or
Nursing Assignment |  Rheumatic Heart Disease_2
3NURSINGnegative. When Shakira puts forward her perceptions in relation to cultural beliefs, the nursemust not undermine it (Black, 2016). 33.1 The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Act 2005 concerns self-reliance and self-government of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander population. The aim of the Act itfocused on developing the cultural and economic condition of this population. The Actinstitutes the Torres Strait Regional Authority (TSRA), the Indigenous Land Corporation anda corporation called Indigenous Business Australia that formulate and implement programsfor the betterment of the population. 3.2 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are known to suffer from shortened lifeexpectancy and significant health concerns as compared to their counterparts. The underlyingcause of this is the historical disturbance and suffering associated with the bequest ofcolonisation that have led to many unresolved issues from different domains such as pooreconomic development, self-determination and identity and land rights. As a result of thetrauma of colonisation, these people suffer loss, powerlessness, grief and sense ofhopelessness and disconnection (Andersen et al., 2017). 4.b. Community participation in decision making for indigenous population is a key approachto be taken by a nurse for improving communication and building rapport with the patient.Delivery of care to this population with advanced healthcare models undermines theindigenous individual’s preferences for their treatment. Their own values and health beliefs
Nursing Assignment |  Rheumatic Heart Disease_3

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