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Running head: SBAR COMMUNICATIONSBAR COMMUNICATIONName of the StudentName of the universityAuthor’s note
1SBAR COMMUNICATIONLiterature searchSBAR is a communication tool that is popular in health care settings for facilitation quickand proper communication. SBAR can be used as an acronym for Situation, Background,Assessment, and Recommendation. According to Achrekar et al., (2016) twenty nurses wereselected for assessing the effectiveness of SBAR technique and it was found that SBARtechnique has helped the nurses to have a focused and easy communication during the transitionof care and it also brought about reduced number of sentinel events in health care settings.Standardized SBAR framework is a very useful tool for the bedside shift handover. A studyconducted by (De Meester et al., 2013),shows that 16 hospital ward patients were trained to usethe SBAR communication tool in case of the terminally ill patients which brought about betterperception of effective communication and collaboration between the nurses, decreased ICUadmissions and decrease of the unexpected avoidable deaths. According to De Meester et al.,(2013), nurses often tend to be more descriptive whereas the physicians prefer more briefstatements in order to save time. Communication over the phone often makes communicationserror prone. About 65 % of the adverse events involve communication as the attributing factors.Narayan, (2013) has stated that there are several quality improvement projects that emphasizeson using the SBAR communication tool in home health care. Researchers have proved its use forpreventing the avoidable hospitalizations and the hand on templates that the nurses and thephysicians uses while calling upon a physician for an exacerbated patient to prevent hospitaladmissions. It has also helped to prevent the re-hospitalization of the patients with chronicillnesses who have already has earlier signs and symptoms of health ailments.
2SBAR COMMUNICATIONIt can be argued that the recommendations provided by the nurse in the previous shift might notappear to be suitable for the nurse in the next shift during a shift handover. But such risks can beavoided by consultation with the doctor before taking up any treatment. As opposed by Achrekaret al.,(2016), making recommendations in an SBAR template is a part of the collaborativeprocess and hence is important for the nurse in charge to take important decisions. A study byPanesar, Albert, Messina & Parker, (2016), have shown that electronic SBAR template canactually improvise and improve the documentation and communication between the nurses andthe doctors in a pediatrics unit. The research conducted by the author have shown thatdocumentation of the notifications by the physician and the bedside nurses reached 100 % whenelectronic SBAR notes were used for charting and improving the documentation of the clinicalresults. The study also found that about 100 % of the nurses attested to the SBAR notes withoutmiss which signified that there had been an increased communication between the nurses,attending physicians and the patients (Panesar, Albert, Messina & Parker, 2016). It can be said from these studies that introduction of the SBAR tool had prepared thenurses better before calling for a doctor by using the SBAR parameters in a patient's records.SBAR communication has proven to be highly effective in the communication between theinterdisciplinary teams. It is also useful in the organization of the care reports between the casemanagers and the members of the interdisciplinary team. The SBAR tool of communication iseffective evidence based strategy that is normally used when the communications are madedifficult by critical situations. In overall it promotes patient safety, enhance the patient outcomes,control the health care costs by avoiding repeated hospitalizations.

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