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Nursing Assignment Nursing AssignmentName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1Nursing AssignmentAdvanced Nursing Profession: Advanced Nursing Profession is a specialised nursing type, which allows nurses toprovide specialised care for patients, and is different from the regular registered nursing.Different policies and guidelines frame the works and practice of APN and registered nurses.The following essay will discuss how technology have affected nursing practice, the skills forAPN, and how APN differs from registered nurses and how regulatory frameworks arenecessary for nursing practice.Impact of technology in nursing practice:Information and Communication technologies (ICT) have several implications in thehealthcare industry and also on nursing practice. Rouleau et al. (2015) evaluated the influenceof ICT on nurses and nursing care practice. The authors suggested the ICT can be appliedacross different domains, such as: communication and management systems, system forautomated decision support as well as information systems. The effects have been dividedinto Primary and Secondary outcomes by the authors. The Primary Outcomes includes effectson 1. Practice environments: providing autonomy to nursing roles, foster support from coworkers and administration, allow collaboration and decentralized decision making. 2Nursing process: Helping assessment, evaluation, care planning, education, communication,care orientation, maintain quality, utilizing updated knowledge. It also helps in clinicalmanagement, discharge planning and in disease prevention/health promotion. 3. ProfessionalSatisfaction: improving perception of the quality of care given to patients, fosterresponsibility, success and growth and to enjoy the work. 4. Improving Nursing outcomesand patient outcomes: Fostering safety, quality and comfort in care, empowerment ofpatients, improving functional status, patient and nurse satisfaction, improving patientexperience. The Secondary Outcome includes improving satisfaction of nurses and patients
2Nursing Assignmentwith ICT. Piscotty et al. (2015) also pointed out that in healthcare, IT can mediate the relationbetween the nursing care provided and the care that is used, influencing usage of care.Skills and knowledge of Advanced Practice Nursing: As per the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA), Advanced PracticeNursing (APN) is a strategy of nursing that utilises overall skills, knowledge and experiencein the care of patients. The APN involves the use of advanced knowledge, experiences andskills, to develop relationship between nurse and patient. The practice is based on the conceptthat optimal outcomes in patient health and patient care can be achieved through theutilization of a high degree of knowledge, experience and skills, along with the combinationof critical analysis with problem solving skills and effective decision making practices. TheNursing and Midwifery Board of Australia highlights the outlook that nurses practicing APNshould have a master’s level knowledge, and can work in either specialist of a generalistcapacity. The Board also requires three years full time (equivalent to 5000 hours) ofadvanced practice to demonstrate necessary clinical focus for APN(, 2018; Dunphy et al., 2015).These ensures that APN have specialised skills and knowledge which can enable themto provide specialised care, and utilise evidence based practice for the best possibleoutcomes. APN can include practice domains such as: support of systems, direct andcomprehensive care, research, education, publication and professional leadership. These canallow APN’s to provide a comprehensive care and supportive care, as well as act as healtheducators, researchers, research authors and healthcare leaders (, 2018;Joel, 2017; Blair & Jansen, 2015).How these skills differ from experienced registered nurses:

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