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Running Head: NURSING ASSIGNMENT1Nursing AssignmentNameInstitution
NURSING ASSIGNMENT2Step 1Carefully choose one topic from the Reflective Writing Topic 1 or 2 below to guide yourreflection. Write the topic chosen here:Australia is recognized to be one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. Thediversity is signified by many communities who practice different cultural activities, religious,social and political interactions as well. The difference makes Australia unique as arepresentative society that attracts many, but it also brings along challenges. In such like adiverse community, provision of quality health services is one of the challenges that face it. Thestruggle to give the population appropriate medical care is usually not as easy and requires a newand advanced approach to have a positive impact. Willis, (Germov, 2014, p 7-8) presents atemplate of sociological imagination, discuss the evolutions that the health care sector hasundergone to provide quality services to the Australian culture.Step 2Use the sociological imagination (SI) template to reflect on your feelings, thoughts andbehaviors in response to knowledge, experiences and observations in relation to yourchosen question from Step 1. (500 words)Healthcare happens to be one of the most crucial sectors of food and security, as nobody cansurvive without it. My prior experience with the issue is entirely different from all the things Iam learning. I always thought that Australia has strategies that ensure for the fair and equal
NURSING ASSIGNMENT3distribution of health in all the hospitals (Broom, & Germov, 2014). I, however, observed thatdue to diversity, there are discriminations based on age, gender, religion and cultural belonging. Idiscovered the extents of discrimination regarding the way nurses and doctors treat people inboth public and private hospitals. In government hospitals, there is a rather cold and bitterattitude from the health professionals (AIHW, 2016). I could not help but ask one of the nurseswho told me that they get a less pay as compared to their duties and therefore feel demotivated.They also feel that the large numbers flocking into the hospitals all have different traits withsome of them being disrespectful and stubborn (Charles Sturt University,2012). I saw a pregnantwoman being pushed around and getting abuses from the nurses due to the way she wasscreaming out of pain. The private sector is on the different side of the coin as patients receivedpersonalized treatments by the medical personnel (Henry, Houston, & Mooney, 2004). I justobserved the kind of people around that hospital and concluded that economic standardsdetermine the way health services are administered to different individuals. The doctors andnurses seemed happy and fulfilled to serve the public as they are paid well and also given thebest employee consideration.Step3: Next, Identify and cite one of the readings, articles or videos from eModules anddiscuss how this resource helps you to expand and deepen your original reflections on thistopicConsidering my prior observations and experiences in the Australian health sectors, the classmaterials emphasized on the same. Most of the lectures, articles, and videos gave of the courseare clear and precise about the issue of diversity in the health sector and the impacts it has on theexpected outcomes. My research on site revolved around the inequality experienced in thehospitals due to the factors of socioeconomic belonging. The Youtube video, ’Community
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