Reflections in Nursing Clinical Practice


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1NURSING ASSIGNMENTNurses have to learn from their previous experiences to gain skills that are required for athoughtful practice. I will reflect upon an incident I had experienced using the Gibb’s reflectivecycle in this essay. This reflection will help me to evaluate the actions, observations and thoughtsthat underpin the decisions related to healthcare. During my placement in the surgical ward, Icame across Mr. Smith in the post-operative ward following surgical intervention for intestinalobstruction. The senior nurse-in-charge briefed me and two other nurse trainees about the case.He was screaming for the need of pain killers to reduce abdominal pain. I administered an oral dose of 1000mg acetaminophen (Tylenol) for every 4 hours.Acetaminophen blocks prostaglandin synthesis, thereby lowering inflammation and pain in thebody [ CITATION Bli14 \l 1033 ]. His pain seemed to reduce for few hours. However, hesuddenly started complaining of swelling in upper abdomen, followed by mild bleeding from thesurgical site. During handover, a second nurse trainee did not go through his medical charts. Sheadministered a single subcutaneous injection of 2,000 USP units/2 mL heparin sodium to stopbleeding. This aggravated his symptoms he had abdominal cramps [ CITATION And13 \l1033 ]. Finally, a third nurse used an intramuscular 10 mg dose of metoclopramide. She repeatedthe process after 4 hours. His abdominal cramps and bleeding from the surgical site reduced[ CITATION Kra14 \l 1033 ]. I felt that a strong analgesic was needed to be administered to Mr. Smith. Hence, Iadministered an oral dose of acetaminophen [ CITATION Bul131 \l 1033 ]. However, the dosageexceeded the required limits and led to the side effects. Pain is often a subjective experience andmay have psychological aspects associated [ CITATION Mac14 \l 1033 ]. The poor medicationshown by one of the nurse while injecting heparin injection helped me realize that close scrutinyof medical records is essential before any treatment. The good practice shown by the nurse who
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