Nursing Theories Assignment

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NURSING (BSN)21)Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories, and Practice, Ch. 3, 8Fundamentals ofNursing Models, Theories, and Practice, Ch. 3, 8There a wide range of the nursing theories that is present. One of the main nursingtheories that are quite prominent and famous is the human caring theory. It came into theexistence in the year 1979 by Dr. Jean Watson, who was one of the most distinguishedprofessors at the University of Colorado, this theory evolved from her search for therelationship between human caring and nursing.There were mainly 10 carative factors thatwere identified by Dr Watson and he referred it to be the core of the nursing. The brand newfactors were regarded by Jean as the “Clinical Caritas Processes,” it is subjected to have a lotof spiritual dimension with regards to the caring as well as love.2)Fundamentals of Nursing Models, Theories, and Practice, Ch. 2: Knowing in Nursingand Nursing Knowledge. Please use the following link to launch the content: ExternalContent LaunchThe entire nursing theory is mainly used to care for the patients on a day-to-day basis.However, it can be also said that the nursing theory strengthens the practice by simplygenerating a structure and a language that is common. This particular theory allows nursesthe practioners of the nursing to proclaim their values, belief’s, and other things that tend tomake them believe why they become caregivers. The human caring theory is based on thefollowing principles: On the continuous healing relationships the caring is mainly based, allthe team members are noted as the caregivers, safety is regarded as one of the topmostpriority, caregivers tends to focus on the best goals and interest of the patients (Potter and etal., 2016).3.Analyzing Theory in Practice: From Novice to Expert
NURSING (BSN)3Where does Sue fall on Benner's novice to expert continuum? Why?Sue mainly falls on the Benner’s novice to expert continuum in is RN who has beenpracticing for three years and typically works in labor and delivery falls under the competentlevel as it mainly takes 2-3 years of experience in the similar working field for functioning inthe competent level. It has been stated that Sue have just started helping out a clinic that tendsto look after the diabetic OB patients so she falls under the Novice category because she isthe beginner in this segment (McKenna, Pajnkihar & Murphy, F2014).How does Sue's place on the continuum impact her ability to provide quality care to thesepatients?It can be said that the Sue’s place with regards to her new job role affects a lot interms of her ability to provide good quality of care to these types of patients. She is just thebeginner or novice in this role as she had no prior experience in this particular situation inwhich she is expected to perform or give her best. Sue lacks a certain amount of confidencefor demonstrating the safe practice and the requirement of the physical and verbal cues. Sheis unable to provide the quality care that is expected from her at the present time but it can besaid that with the prolonged time she will be using her best judgment and care practices forthis type of patients.What additional support do you think Sue may need?As per my knowledge I think that Sue mainly needs knowledge in terms of dealingwith the diabetic OB patients because she is at present associated with a clinic that is dealingwith such patients. She has been associated with the delivery and labor so she only needs tostudy management of diabetes during the pregnancy as it will act as an additional support forher for treating the diabetic OB patients (Lillis and et al., 2010).
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