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Running head: NURSING CARE PLAN1Nursing Care PlanNameInstitution
NURSING CARE PLAN2Drug Therapy Protocol for the Administrating Atorvastatin for the Treatment of suspectedWound InfectionsClinical Indication For Use:The drug is used by a patient who has a risk of heart attack or strokein the people with high levels of the Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) in the bloodInclusion CriteriaNot allergic to the medicationNot using alcoholNot pregnant or planning to bepregnantDiagnosed with strokeRisk of heart attackNo liver infectionExclusion CriteriaAllergic to the medication or any otherdrugLiver disease infectionAlcohol consumptionPregnancySurgical operationBreastfeedingPharmacodynamics:Atorvastatin is a drug which falls in the category of statins orHMG-CoA reductase inhibitors. Asan inhibitor, it works by slowing down the rate at which the cholesterol is produced in the body.It does this by producing the LDL-cholesterol reductions.PharmacokineticsAbsorption: The drug has a rapid absorption rate that ranges from one to two hours. Meaning, itis readily absorbed once it is administered into the body. However, for optimal absorption, thedrug should be in the form of 2.5-80 mg capsules. The drug has an absolute bioavailability of14%.Distribution:Atorvastatin has a mean volume distribution of around 381. Its protein is bound tothe plasma at approximately 98%.Metabolism:Atorvastatin is a drug is always metabolized in the body. After its metabolism, thedrug is converted intopara-hydroxylated andortho. Its metabolism has, however, been linked to70% of the inhibitory activities of HMG-CoA reductase.Excretion: AlthoughAtorvastatin is absorbed into the body, it still gets its way out through theexcretion process. Research has established that drug can be removed from the body throughurine, binary excretion, extrahepatic metabolism, and bile elimination. The excretion processlasts for an approximate half-life of 14 hours.Drug Interactions:The drug interacts in the body by lowering the rate of production of cholesterol. This results intothe minimization of the levels of cholesterol that might cause the blockage of the flow of bloodin the arteries. The arteries supply blood to the brain, heart and other parts of the body.Dose, Route & Duration Of Therapy
NURSING CARE PLAN3Adult:Atorvastatin is administered orally. In terms of dosage, the drug is taken only once perday. It can be taken alongside food if one wishes to do so. On terms of dosage, it should be notedthat it is not fixed, but changes as one continues to consume the drug. Meaning, after starting ona small dose, one gradually increases the dosage as time goes by.Adverse EffectsCommon:Weight gainFeverUnusual tirednessMuscle painWeaknessProduction of dark urineProduction or little or no urine at allMemory loss and confusionSwellingsConstipationRare:Mild nauseaDiarrheaLoss of appetiteHoarsenessRushItchingMild muscle painResponse To Adverse Event:Refrain from the drug immediatelyConsult the physicianTake a record of all the adverse effects identified
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