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Nursing Care Plan Post Laparoscopic Surgery

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Added on  2020-03-23

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Running head: NURSING CARE PLAN POST LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERYNursing care plan post laparoscopic surgeryName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
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1NURSING CARE PLAN POST LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERYTable of ContentsProblem 1:2Problem 2:2Problem 3:2Nursing care plan:3References:11
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2NURSING CARE PLAN POST LAPAROSCOPIC SURGERYProblem 1: As the patient has undergone a laparoscopic surgery, the most vital postoperative problem orrisk factors for the patient are infection. According to the case study the patient has a largedressing covering his surgery wound, which increases the potential risk for the patient obtaininginfection. Hence the first problem chosen for the patent is the risk for infection (Klabunde et al.,2016). Problem 2:Another potential risk for the patient post the laparoscopic surgery is relapse of bowelobstruction. It has to be understood in this context that the patient had already been sufferingfrom extreme constipation and bowel obstruction prior to the surgery due to a tumour obstructionin the recto sigmoid region of the colon and multiple lesions in the liver. Now as the patient has astoma, a common complication that occurs in such cases is the retraction of the bowel back intothe abdomen either causing severe bowel incontinence, or diarrhoea (Meyerhardt et al., 2013). Problem 3: The third patient problem identified from the case study is the anxiety, a very commonoccurrence in patients undergoing postoperative care. Given the fact that the patient has beensuffering from acute hypertension for the past eight years only escalate the possibility of thepatient suffering from greater anxiety due to his surgery and the possibility of furthercomplications in the future. Cancer diagnosis is also extremely difficult for the patient toundergo and anxiety is a vital patient problem keeping the cancer diagnosis in account (Verberneet al., 2015).
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