Nursing Assignment Career Plan

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Running head: NURSING CAREER PLANNursing career planName of the student:Name of the University:Author’s note
1NURSING CAREER PLANThe main aim of this portfolio is to describe my career goal and my learning plan for thefuture to effectively transition to the registered nurse role. A SWOT analysis of my skills andlearning needs are presented which will demonstrate my commitment for lifelong learning andprofessional development. Learning plan for the futureCurrently, I am in the early stage of my nursing career and enrolled in a nursing programto make my transition to being a qualified a RN. Once I get the license to be a RN, I will utilizemy efforts and experience to become a nursing leader which is my ultimate career goal. I amaware that establishing a career in the nursing field will require great effort and dedication frommy side. To ensure that I do not make mistakes and miss the opportunity to get RN job, I haveengaged in self-reflection activity by the use of SWOT tool to identify my learning needs acrossdifferent context and job transition stage. Completing SWOT analysis will help me to know howmy personal attributes will promote or hinder my actions during the process of acquiringknowledge to be a registered nurse. The below mentioned SWOT checklist has made me veryclear regarding my strengths and the areas where I need to put extra effort to excel in the nursingprofession.StrengthsExcellent communication skill Strong interpersonal skills developed through my part time job with community matronsPatience and values of compassionNursing is a profession where patient-nurse communication is central to therapeutic nursingpractice (O'hagan et al. 2014). Hence, I am confident that my communication and interpersonal
2NURSING CAREER PLANskills will help me to perform my RN role very well, while handling diverse group of patientsand communicating with multi-professional team. Apart from communication skills, my valuesof compassion and patience will support me to handle difficult patients and take good health caredecisions. Evidence has showed that professional development of student nurse’s occur throughsocialization. Socialization and compassion is an important part of professional programmes andnursing code of conduct (Curtis 2014). The values of care, compassion and communication canenable student nurse’s to make care of people their first concern. Weakness Lack of critical thinking skillsPoor in multitaskingChallenges in understanding the validity of nursing researchRegistered nurse has the role of preparing good written records of care given to patient. Theyneed to update those records and communicate to other staffs during handover (Lavin, Harperand Barr 2015). However, apart from this, nurses often have to do multiple tasks at the sametime. Hence, inability do multitasking might lead to mistakes and error in practice. Secondly,lack of critical thinking skills may inhibit the requirement to implement evidence based practicein clinical setting. OpportunityMy experience of working in nursing home as a team leader in the future can give me theopportunity to get all idea about documentation, delegation and assessment of patient onarrival.

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