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Running head: NURSING CASE STUDYNursing Case StudyName of the student:Name of the university:Author note:
1NURSING CASE STUDYTable of ContentsIntroduction:2Case scenario analysis:3Care needs:4Two complex care priorities with justification:5Conclusion:7References:8
2NURSING CASE STUDYIntroduction:One of the greatest responsibilities in case of the nursing individuals can be considered theclinical judgments. In most cases the nursing individuals are expected to take prompt clinicaldecisions in both the care planning and execution. Now it has to be mentioned that the impact ofthe care decision making can have a very severe impact on the well being of the patients.Furthermore, in certain cases any wrong decision taken in the care planning procedure can evencost the patients if his or her life. Therefore, the values if the nursing decisions are extreme andthat is the reason why there have been many initiatives take in the attempt to streamline theprocess of clinical judgment or decision making as possible (Stellefson, Dipnarine & Stopka,2013).Clinical reasoning cycle can be considered to be one of the most impactful and effectivestrategic intervention that has proved to improve the clinical judgments and eradicate the issuesthat are prevalent in the scenario of clinical decision making. The clinical reasoning cycle can bedefined as the scientific step by step process of collecting different cues of patient situationalanalysis, processing the collected information, identification of the care needs, planning andimplementation of interventions based on care priorities, evaluating outcomes and reflecting onthe entire procedure (Levett-Jones et al., 2010). This assignment will attempt to use the clinicalreasoning cycle to analyse the patient situation and formulate care interventions based on thecare needs and the care priorities f the patient by the means of employing clinical reasoning cyclewith the help of a case study.
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