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Nursing- Focus On Aged Care | Australian Government Report

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University of Wollongong Australia


Added on  2020-02-18

Nursing- Focus On Aged Care | Australian Government Report


University of Wollongong Australia

   Added on 2020-02-18

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Running head: NURSING- FOCUS ON AGED CARENursing- Focus on Aged CareName of the Student:Name of the University:Author Note:
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1NURSING- FOCUS ON AGED CAREAged Care Funding Instrument (ACFI) refers to the funding system that is applicable toresidents in an aged care facility and is operational in the Australian domicile. The AustralianGovernment confers care subsidy for the care recipients subjected to fulfillment of theaccreditation requirements by the concerned aged care services authority as proposed in theAged Care Act of 1997. These aged care facilities are obliged to abide by the accreditationstandards that are taken into consideration by the quality agency for assessment regarding theireligibility. The chief four standards that are to be complied with are as follows:Standard One encompasses management systems, organizational development alongsidestaffingStandard Two comprises of health and personal careStandard Three constitutes lifestyle of the care recipientStandard Four refers to physical environment and safe systems (,2017).The nurses appointed at the aged care facilities are also entrusted with distinctresponsibilities to render optimal care facility to the aged patients in conformity with theaccepted conventional practices. Assessment of needs of the residents is carried out by virtue ofreferring to the questions that belong to three ACFI domains as follows:Activities of Daly Living (ADL) that constitute ACFI questions on nutrition, personalhygiene, mobility, continence and toiletingCognition and Behavior (BEH) comprise of ACFI questions related to cognitive skills, verbalbehavior, wandering, depression and physical behavior
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2NURSING- FOCUS ON AGED CAREComplex Health Care (CHC) constituting ACFI questions relevant to medication andcomplex health care proceduresIn order to cater to the diverse needs of the geriatric patients and requirements of their degreeof care based on their conditions, a number of assessments are usually undertaken by theconcerned nursing professionals. Relevant research findings have suggested the suitableapplication of adequate staffing as well as skills mix to properly address the needs and demandsof the patients in the residential aged care facility and non-conformance to these acceptedpractices might result in generating negative outcomes (Willis et al., 2016). Another study hasexplored the issue revolving the usability of the Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia(CSDD)in nursing homes as part of ACFI assessment. Findings have argued on using CSDDscale for detecting depression and have harped on considering the complexity of scale, timeelapsed for procuring pertinent information alongside staff skills and knowledge of evaluatingdepression to render optimal care to the patients (Jeon et al., 2015). Nurses being the frontline workforce in the healthcare sector remain in close association withthe clients and are directly responsible for carrying out their assigned duties so that positiveoutcomes for the concerned patients may be achieved. The safety and quality of the care offeredby them is of paramount importance in this respect as it is related to the emanation of desirableoutcomes. However, a recent study carried out with respect to the contemporary scenario innursing has focused on the perceptions and experiences of working in aged care as encounteredby the registered nurses. The results depict that the nurses face immense challenges in meetingexpectations of the consumer, organization, profession and related policy. Workforce instabilityand resource constraints are also major hindrances in generating satisfactory professional output.Structural barriers and aged care policy environments also threaten sustaining nursing in aged
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