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Nursing Law and Ethics Assignment

Added on - 26 Nov 2019

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Running head: NURSING LAWS AND ETHICSNursing laws and ethicsName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor note
1NURSING LAWS AND ETHICSTask AThe registered nurse always demonstrates the competence and the provision for the care given bythe nurses for that can be specified by the requirements of the registration. The registered nursesactually practices independently and in a interdependent manner (Broadbent et al., 2014). Theyoften assume the accountability and are responsible for their self activities and the delegations ofthe care for enrolling the nurses and the healthcare workers. The delegations are always takeninto considerations and the education and the training of the enrolled the nurses and thehealthcare workers and for the context of the care. The registered nurses provides the evidencebased care for nursing for the people for all the ages and for the cultural groups that includes theindividuals, communities and the families.The main role of the nurses who are registered includes the promotion and the maintenance ofthe health and the prevention of the illness for the individuals who have the physical or themental illness, the disabilities and the needs for rehabilitation as well as the alleviation for thepain and the suffering that the patients suffer at the end of their lives. The registered nurses tendsto assess, plan, evaluate and implements care of nursing in the collaboration of the individualsand for the multidisciplinary form of the healthcare team and for achieving the goals and theoutcomes of the healthcare (American Diabetes Association 2016). The registered nursesessentially provides an amount of care in the ranges of the settings that may often include theacute, community, residential and the extended form of the care settings, institution for educationand homes for the modification of the practice with accordance to the model of the care delivery.
2NURSING LAWS AND ETHICSThe registered nurses always takes the role of the leadership in the coordination of the nursingand the health care that are within and across the different form of the care services that can bedone for the facilitation of the optimal healthcare options. This phenomenon includes theappropriate form of the referrals and the consultations with the other form of the healthprofessionals, service providers and the support services of the community. The reregisterednurse often contributes to the quality healthcare and through the lifelong form of learning and theprofessional form of the development of the professionals. The research data generation isthrough the clinical form of supervision and the development of the policy and the clinical formof practice guidelines.The nurses, midwives and the healthcare professionals needs to take care of their all legal andethical responsibilities that requires the demonstration of the satisfactory form of the base of theknowledge that are accountable for the practice, functioning in accordance with the variouslegislations that are affecting the nursing and the healthcare for the protection of the individualand the rights of the group.The healthcare providers also have to be self appraised and there should be a professional formof development that have the value of the evidence and the practice based on research. Whilereflecting towards the practice, feelings and the consequences for the individuals is an importantform of the professional benchmarks. The domains essentially relates to the coordination,provision and the organization for providing the nursing care for assessing the individuals,planning and the implementation and the evaluation of the care. This has the direct relation to theestablishment, sustainability and the conclusion for the professional form of relationship that areformed in the individual or the group.It has been clearly indicated that there are literature thathas been prior to the administration of the treatment for performing the clinical form of
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