Nursing Assignment: Personal Statement

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Running head- NURSING PERSONAL STATEMENTNursing Personal Statement for UniversityName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
1NURSING PERSONAL STATEMENTMy ambition of becoming a nurse finds its origin in my childhood when I stayed with mygrandparents. Looking after their medications and meals gave me immense satisfaction andmotivated me to pursue nursing as a career.My desire to take up the nursing programme isestablished by my work experience in the health and social care centre, where I provided holisticcare to the patients.This practice helped me work independently, while establishing a goodprofessional relationship with the team members.I focused on improving my active listening andcommunication skills. This helped me engage in effective verbal and nonverbal conversationswith the patients. I also demonstrated sound clinical knowledge and adherence to the standardsof maintaining patient confidentiality, shared decision making and information sharing.Empathizing with my clients reinforced their trust. While working in the community setting, Iencountered several alcoholic clients. This helped me gain a sound understanding on theunderlying factors that contribute to alcoholism and provided the boost to adorn my leadershipskills for resolving disputes related to violence and aggression in such context. My next experience as a healthcare assistant at an elderly ward provided me the opportunity tobe a part of a diverse and multidisciplinary team that cared for older adults belonging to a widerange of ethnic and linguistic backgrounds.It helped me gain knowledge on the diversehealthcare needs of individual patients.I was involved in formulating appropriate patient careplans, reviewing risk assessment,documenting their medical records, pressure area care andmanagement, handling pressure releasing equipments, evaluating mobility, formulating plans forinfection control, and engaging in efficient moving and handling techniques for patience withdiseases such as, dementia and stroke.My role as a team player required me to be respectful ofthe demands of my colleagues.I always tried to identify their strengths and weakness for aneffective collaboration. I am currently studying the foundation degree in health and social care

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