NUR5004 Contemporary Nursing Practice

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Contemporary Nursing Practice (NUR5004)


Added on  2020-05-04

NUR5004 Contemporary Nursing Practice


Contemporary Nursing Practice (NUR5004)

   Added on 2020-05-04

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Running head: NURSING PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIONursing Professional PortfolioName of the StudentName of the UniversityAuthor Note
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1NURSING PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIOAssessment Task 4: Professional Portfolio 1) IntroductionI was born and brought up in India. I have migrated to Australia in 2005, when I was 26years old. Currently I live in Victoria. I have completed my graduation in Monash University,Burwood. I have attained certificates in the areas of nursing to increase my professionalcompetence. I have worked in three different hospitals and have gained a good professionalexperience and I am planning to enhance my professional competence and skills to a higherlevel.I am a fun loving person and love to read books to enhance my worldly knowledge. I amvivid reader of various scientific journals based on health and medicine. As a child I was alwaysinspired with the life of nurses as they make a difference to people’s life. I wanted to becomenurse since I was ten years old. I love the variety in routine involved in patient care. I feelsatisfied on helping people in difficult times. I am optimistic about this profession as I know Iwill be successful on pursuing job of my interest. Moreover, it is a growing career. Therefore, Ihave commenced my career with nursing. Personal interest in this field has become strong after my placement in the Pre/post opmedication, in oncology department for acute medical care and mental health placements. Mygraduation and clinical placements have improved my professional knowledge in regards toillness, disease symptoms, pathology, diagnosis, evidence based practice, clinical guiltiness intreatment and prevention of illness. I have learnt the communication required in the clinicalsetting. This knowledge will help me in maintaing the health and safety needs of the patients inthe health care organisation.
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2NURSING PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIODuring my nursing journey the philosophy which I will stand by is providing empatheic,compassionate, and competent holistic care. The philosophy is based on the values and beliefsinstilled in me by my parents. My values and beliefs are accompanied by respect, honesty,affection, and compassion. These beliefs drive me as I care for my family and community. Inorder to keep in stride with my philosophy I am engaging in continuous education and enhancingmy skills. I am confident about respecting the cultural and linguistic diversity of patients. I vowto adhere to the code of ethics and NMBA professional standards. I will be accountable for legaland ethical responsibilities. I will overcome the challenges and practice errors by engaging incritical reflection process so that I can deliver my practice in a manner that will do no harm tothe patients. “The very first requirement in a hospital is that it should do the sick noharm.”Florence Nightingale (Goodrads, 2017).2) Placement experience record1) My 1st placement was of 160 hrs in Pre/post op medication in ABX hospital- (putsemester and date)In this hospital I was placed in the post operative care unit in a surgical ward. Thepatients in this ward have undergone hip surgery. I have gained the knowledge of pre-procedureassessment, pain assessment, supervising vital signs, giving discharge instructions, and patienteducation. 2) Acute medical placement in oncology (3) weeks and Orthopaedic (2 weeks) 240 HRSin Box hill hospital- (put semester and date)I received exposure in this field through interview. In Box Hill hospital, I have learned todirect the patient care involving chemotherapy. It was challenging because one needs to be very
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3NURSING PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIOalert and responsible in administrating the correct patient with correct dose and drug and incorrect route. I have seen nurses struggling to manage the numerous symptoms of the cancerpatients. It is the nursing priority in oncology ward to manage the daily changing symptoms. In orthopedic ward, nurses deal with the patients having musculoskeletal disorders.Nursing includes treatment and prevention of acute problems such as fractures, and chronicsystemic disorders such as loss of bone density. When I was placed by my institute in theorthopedic ward I could observe and learn monitoring the neurovascular status, care for thepatients with external fixation. 3) Mental health placements 3 (160 hrs) weeks and 2 (80) weeks in communityplacements Alex medical hospital 240 hours- (put semester and date)I received the placement here by communicating with some of the senior nurses whoinformed me of interview process. I have learned about involuntary admission of mentally illpatients in this hospital. I had to visit the (name of community) with my mentor/ I have learntabout active listening skills when dealing with patient’s stories or narrations. I have learnt how toask open ended questions to the patient during collection of history, assessment, crisisintervention, assisting patients with mental health drugs and therapies. 4) Acute medical and surgical ward for 5 weeks in Frank hospital. 200 hours (putsemester and date)I have attended the Frank Hospital after receiving placement in acute medical andsurgical ward. In this ward I have encountered many elderly patients acutely ill with chronickidney diseases. In this ward, I was trained on administering the medications and educating thepatients and their families, giving the discharge instructions and admitting the new ones.Working in this ward requires robust managing skills as I had to juggle from one patient to
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4NURSING PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIOanother. Home visits have also helped me to learn how to care the patients at home. Thetechniques that I have learned are chest tube insertion, bone marrow aspirations, intravenousmedications and blood transfusions. 3) Competency statements and attainments4) Learning experienceMy professional experience by attending various education sessions and the ward in-service are as follows:a.Stoma management- (Name of the hospital) - Attending the stoma managementsession had helped me to deal with the patients having cancer and colostomy. Ihave learnt to care for patients by skin cleaning, maintaing aseptic conditions,assessment of the new stoma patients, and maintaing the integrity of theperistomal skin, use of the one piece appliance and two piece appliances. b.Blood safe at (name of hospital)- - I have leaned the clinical transfusion practiceand safe use of the blood components in two sessions. I have leaned the risks andthe benefits of transfusion and recognizing the transfusion reactions in patients inone session. c.PICC line management at (name of hospital)- - Experience in PICC line dressingchange, addressing complications such as catheter breakage, leakage, andinfections with three sessions.d.Pressure area care management from (name of hospital)- - session on riskassessment for pressure ulcer, negative pressure wound therapy and one sessionon barrier preparation for preventing skin damage for people who are incontinent
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5NURSING PROFESSIONAL PORTFOLIOe.Palliative care at (name of hospital)- Had 8 weeks course to learn about optimalcare for patients and advocate as per patient needs and goals. I have learnt theprognostic indicators of advanced disease states.f.Watch total knee replacement surgery in theatre- in the (hospital name) Havegained insights on how knee is replaced with artificial joint g.Workshop on MET call simulation- discussion on when to call and whom to callfor help, skills in transportation and non-technical skills to conduct a MET call inhigh acquity situations h.CPR Resuscitation- two sessions on CPR, chest compressions between 5- 6 cm ata rate of 100-120/min for adults5) Exemplars of academic work1.Worked on Mental Health case study- on Schizoaffective disorder (Appendix-1)With this case study of George, I have gained a good insight of the Schizoaffectivedisorder. I was able to demonstrate in my assignment the recovery oriented approach for mentalhealth nurse. I was able to depict the evidence based information promoting recovery in the caseof George. I was overwhelmed on completing the assignment as I could develop the care planthat promote recovery oriented approach in mental health service. I have recived good score inthis assignment.2.Performed literature review on communication in Dementia (Appendix-2)I am grateful to get this assignment because I was able to learn what is PICO method.Before, this assignment I was not competent in preparing the annotated bibliography. However,with the help of my tutors, senior colleagues and online tools I could prepare literature review on“Dementia: A Communication Challenge for Nurses”. This assignment is memorable to me as it
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