Nursing Practice: Reflection on Medication Errors Due to Interruptions


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Nursing Practice
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My name is Fatima Alizadeh, and I am currently enrolled in the Western Sydney University
studying Bachelors degree in Health Sciences and have so far passed all units. I have also
completed the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and preliminary HSC. I am an individual who
can work well with other team members due to my ability to make friends and engage other
team members. It is because of this that I have a good rapport with other students and
lecturers. I am also trustworthy, and I have experienced this during my clinical placement in
which I have treated patient information with confidentiality and also assured them of the
Additionally, I am a problem solver, and I always help other team members in resolving
issues that need critical thinking. For example, I am consulted most of the times when we
have a stubborn patient who needs to be talked to and convinced to be cooperative to receive
medication. I have cumulatively five-year experience in different industries as a supervisor,
cashier, waitress, general duties assistant and kitchen hand, and also as a customer service
executive. My objective is to work as an occupational therapy Assistant in the future.
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
I had previously enrolled for a one-week seminar on effective customer service organized by
Woolworths supermarkets when I worked there as a supervisor of the customer service
department. I also completed a professional certificate in guidance and counseling at Western
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Nursing Practice 3
Sydney University in addition to attending the Mental Health Seminar organized by Western
Sydney University in 2018. I plan to enroll for a certification course in writing and
communication skills to improve my communication and writing skills. Furthermore, I plan
to attend workshops on clinical placements organized by the county referral hospital in order
to enhance my clinical placement skills. Professional training in behavioral therapy is
necessary since I plan to practice as an Occupational Therapy Assistant. As a result of this, I
plan to undertake additional certification courses on behavioral therapies to enable me to
acquire expert skills on how to handle a variety of clients. I am optimistic that at the
completion of the course and expected training I will become a qualified member of the
Sydney Nurses’ Association after acquiring additional knowledge regarding occupational
therapy, clinical placements, ethical and safe work practices, effective writing and
communication skills in the planned seminars and workshops.
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