Nursing Assignment - Nursing Process

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Nursing process related to Mr Taylorand falls1
INTRODUCTIONNursing can be defined as profession within the health care sector that emphasis on thecare of person, family units and communities so they can keep, achieve and regain optimumhealth and quality of life. It is important aspect that helps in encouraging sound health,safeguard of illness and the care for sick, physically challenged and dying individuals. From theprovided case scenario, it has been identified that Mr Taylor is 97 years old individual havingmultiple inherent health conditions (Holloway & Wheeler, 2013). The individual is sufferingfrom diabetes, hypertension,angina, myocardial infarction, osteoarthritis. In addition to this, dueto improper care and negligence Mr Taylor has fallen in it home, yard resulting into manyinjuries, bruises etc. With the effective nursing, proper care can be provided to Mr Taylor whichwill help them in coping with illness. In this report, clear understanding will be shown regardingthe nursing process for Mr Taylor.1)It is important concept that help in defining the perception of care workers andorganization about the nature of the nursing activities and thus provide grounds for variousactions.Person Centred Care:It can defined as method of perceiving and performing things thatsees the individual using services of health and care as equivalent partners in developingand observing care to ensure it match their expectations and requirement (Education,2014). The main benefit of person centred care is that it help in empowering theindividual facing health issues.2
Holistic Care:It can be refereed as nursing practice that has objective of healing thewhole person as its objective and not just diagnosing their body and particular physicalsymptoms (Brooker & Waugh, 2013)Nursing Process of Care: It is objective care directed method of caring that renders aframework to nursing care. It further includes assessment, diagnosing, outcomeidentification and planning, implementation and evaluation. (Parahoo, 2014).3Illustration1: Nursing process(Source:Nursing Process.2016)
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