Evidence Based Nursing Research on Nosocomial Infection


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Q1. What is the problem and why is it important?
Ans: In health care industries there are lots of problems that needs to be addressed. One of
those is the hospital acquired infections. Recently the name has been updated to- The
Nosocomial Infection. People are now very much concerned about the nosocomial infection.
The word nosocomial means an infection or a toxin that is present in certain location. The
infection is itself acquired after the patient gets admitted in the hospital. Study shows that the
common cause of infection is the intensive care unit (ICU) (Eveillard et al., 2013). It is a
relief that the nosocomial infection is curable and does not cause any complicated situation.
The common microbes which contributes in nosocomial infection are seen to be
Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli and Pseudomonus sp. This type of infection mainly
spread by person to person contact and due to hygiene issues. The patients with longer
hospital stay are main target of this problem. The lack of immune strength can also be a
major problem in this scenario (Rosenthal et al., 2014).
This problem is a very important and need addressing. It will be a fatal risk for the
patients with chronic illness to acquire the nosocomial infection The present scenario
suggests an increasing evidence of drug resistance of the nosocomial infection causing
bacteria and microbes. It complicates the matter further more for the clinical practitioner.
The longer use of drugs also increase the complication of the infection. All this provide a
ground of difficulties for the patient life and the health of the medical industry as well.
Besides these factors like the noschomial infection and the individual disaster also contributes
strongly in the debate for the hospital hygiene. Additionally these problems are also affecting
the financial sector of the hospital industry..
Q 2. What is the current practise?
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Ans: The current status suggests the need of the current practices to reduce the rate of
nosochomial infections. The discussed guide lines are taken from a evidence based clinical
suggestions written by the clinicians, in order to prevent hospital acquired infection. These
guidelines suggest that the mortality rate and the morbidity rate of the patients admitted to
hospitals are highly dependent on hospital acquired infection. The guidelines for controlling
such disease are mainly focused on the measurements of the patients risk of that nosochomial
disease. Measurements are taken such as:
Observing the hand washing and hygiene maintenance.
A standard precaution need to be applied, in order to reduce the infection, such as
VAP, CR-BSI and CAUTI. (Khan, Ahmad&Mehboob, 2015).
Environmental factors of the hospitals and the architectural concerns also need to be
highlighted which contributes as a cause for the nosochomial infection.
Special notice should be brought upon the special patient cases of burn outs and the
patients with lower immunity (Zimlichman et al., 2013).
The source of infection needed to be identified.
Post transplantation patients are more prone to get infections. Those patients need to
be more specified when supervising. Room hygiene, ventilating, protecting clothing
and decontaminating should be in the first priority.
Q 3. What is themainfocus of the problem?
Ans: The main focus of the problem is to provide clinical approach to solve the problem. The
problem initiates with the hygiene maintenance of the patient. In addition there should be a
evidence based practice to resolve the problem before starting (Cristina et al., 2014). Like
sometime the patient who goes through transplantation, have the higher possibilities of
getting lung infection. Clinical approaches can be done by educating the staffs about the
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