NX0472 Assessment Checklist

Added on - Dec 2020

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NX0472 Assessment checklistYou are strongly advised to work through this checklist before you submit your projectMain body of your projectYou have created a title page which includes your word countYou have answered question one and ensured that you use a good range of references toexplore self-awareness and continuous self-development.You have reflected upon the feedback you have received on your critical incidents and usedthis information to improve them in your final draftCritical incident oneYou have provided a summary of the results from the toolkit(s) that you have used. You haveensured that the first critical incident is related to something that took place at yourresidential weekend.Critical incident twoYou have provided a summary of the results from the toolkit(s) that you have used. You haveensured that the incident is different from your first one and that you are using a differenttoolkit (or toolkits).You have summarised your major strengths and weaknesses and commented on any patterns ofbehaviour that have emerged from your self-analysis.You have Identified no more than three areas of personal development as a (future) manager that youcan work on in the next year.Your answer to question three must reflect upon the findings of at least four different toolkitsTo double check at the endYou have reviewed the assessment brief and marking criteria for a final time to ensure that your workmeets the requirementsYou have proof-read your work carefullyYou have ensured that all of your references in the main text are presented in APA format and that pagenumbers have been provided for all direct quotesYou have ensured that a full list of references (in APA format) is provided at the end of your projectYou have kept your completed toolkits and residential logbook in case your Tutor wishes to look at them..
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