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OBJECT ORIENTED PROGRAMMING: INNOVATIVE ASSIGNMENTWrite an INTERACTIVE Java program (using APPLET or on NETBEANS GUI) on the basis of the following class diagram, use case diagram , sequence diagram. COURIER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM1)Use Case Diagrams Admin: only administer can access the admin module. Administrator canaccess employee and address details. And he can also access update forms.Also has access to details like bookings, incomings items, returns item,courier not delivered, and pickup centers of courier.User: User can book any courier using Booking form. User has to fill upsource address, destination address. After booking is done, user can payusing pay module (Paypal , Net banking) and can Cancel the order placed.Employee:Keep track of details of consignment like what is the sourceaddress and destination address and the date of delivery. Checks for nondelivered items for redelivery.

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